It’s Squirrel Saturday. It’s A New Thing. I Think? Maybe Not?

Squirrel? Where? And yes thats my Grandfathers Work helmet. I wear it around the office from time to time. It keeps my crazy stuff  IN my head instead of the opposite. It’s there for others safety.

It’s that time of year when you think you have all sorts of time to get things done, and BAM its 20 outside so you are forced to shift gears and focus on other things, then its 50 and you want to take advantage of the warm weather. All this while there is no real boating to bask in. And capture, and then publish.

Mr B is very impressed by my Squirrel senses. We are one!

So you get lame ass stories about cars I used to own occupy my mornings. The secret to doing this for over 14 years ish is simple. I just let it rip what is on my mind. And yes, boating is always on and in my mind. It just flows. Oddly I don’t have spell check in my brain, or Mrs Rhettie my 6th Grade teacher yelling at me about my poor grammar.

This is my brain right now

So today are some of my distractions I have been working on between work distractions. BTW, sitting still is never an option.

We have been taking advantage of the warm weather to build the front porch for the Railway office

I ran up to the office and painted a mural on a back wall. Thats a bunch of S’s and G’s in different fonts.

Then back to the deck/porch/cover for the Railway drive.


And so it goes. Wait, what? SQUIRREL!

Did someone say SQUIRREL? What? Where?


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  1. Clay at Crosslake
    Clay at Crosslake says:

    Matt, I am forwarding this link to anyone interested in a virtual boat show today and through next weekend, here is a FREE PASS to the 2022 Worldwide Classic Boat Show (Feb. 18 to 27). I stumbled across the show and have found it to be very cool. The Show is 100% online (virtual) at, so you can attend from right where you are, sitting in your favorite chair. It is safe and is packed with cool boats and great info. Be sure to check out the daily live presentations.

    Here’s how you can get your free pass:

    You can CLICK HERE to GET A FREE PASS to the Show


    The Map – Everything related to classic boats is on one interactive Google map
    Boats – Over 1,000 of the world’s best classic boats (with beautiful photos and details)
    Organizations – Explore festivals, boatbuilders, clubs, museums, schools, etc.
    Live Presentations – Inspiring presentations featuring experts on a variety of topics
    People – Connect with other attendees anywhere in the world (right on the map)
    The Worldwide Classic Boat Show was created by Off Center Harbor (the premier video website for classic boating enthusiasts). Everything they do is first class.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Clay, I would be happy to feature the show tomorrow and all the links will work. In the comment section its hard since it see’s the links as spam

  3. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    My dad came home from the boat show with that Chrysler
    She probably still yelling at him up there about it

    What a crappy boat for lake Geneva

  4. regan dennehy
    regan dennehy says:

    My friend family owned that Chrysler combo. As a 13 year old it was beautiful. His Dad pulled 4 of us one day water skiing, 7 times each! What father does that? Incredible. Just sent the picture to my friend bring back memories of that day. Cheers

  5. Greg Wieckowski
    Greg Wieckowski says:

    Your Grand pa’s helmet is solid Koolsville!I have two very similar that I converted into autograph bases for Bonneville Speed Week names. Old stuff, ALWAYS useful! -Greg

  6. briant
    briant says:

    Ah yes…good ol Chrysler products.

    I love how they as a company can consistently product crap, decade after decade after decade.

    I’ll take the beauty below instead thank you.

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