Lehman Brothers Sinking! Get A Classic Boat.

I’m not sure what’s worse. Hurricane Ike gas price gouging, my real estate crashing, or now my 401 K shrinking like my pee pee in a cold lake swim. Thanks to all those fancy wall street guys. I don’t need to watch the history channel anymore. I can watch a disaster future history shows live on the tube. So. being a gas tank half full sort of fellow, I offer this option. Put it all in classic boats. No really, stop laughing… It makes sense. After all, just like your stock investment, you pour money into it, and get soaked!
Unlike your 401 K or other cliche places to sink your mu-la. Here are some good arguments for a classic boat.
1. No matter what it’s worth it’s a boat. And going out on the water is always good for the sole.
2. You can’t ride around in your 401 K.
3. My 401 K just lost 40K today. Crap, that’s another boat. And I would still have that.
4. When your 401K is broken, Varnish won’t fix it.
5. Even if you’re flat broke. Your garage looks real good with that boat in there.
6. Unlike your stock portfolio, when your boat sinks insurance pays you back.
7. Classic boating is why you have a 401K in the first place. mmmm. Use it!
8. You can haul your investment around with you to shows and meet other fools like you.
9. You can’t spend a Saturday cleaning and fixing your 401K
10. My Boats value is worth more that Lehman Brothers today!

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  1. pulnaway
    pulnaway says:

    safest invstments are the collector hobbies. i like woody boats and lionel toy trains myself.
    any idea how the turnout will be at smith mountain this weekend?

  2. Chad Durren
    Chad Durren says:

    I like to think of the boat as my child’s college education fund. Took me a while to sell the concept to my wife but I think she’s on board. If I don’t sell it for college dough, I told my wife it would make a great casket. Just drift me out to the middle of the lake and shoot a flaming arrow into the cockpit.

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