Most Boring Story Ever, Not So Boring After All!

Photo, Coutesy John Rothert from Virginia

So yesterday I did an experiment. I came into work and was exhausted, and honestly burned out.. I did not want to have to think. Not that any other stories I write appear to have any thought in them.. So I said.. Self…Just find something on eBay and make a story up.. Look for the dullest thing one can find.. I looked at those clocks with cheesy illustrations on them.. I looked at tshirts, shoes, Chris Craft Toilet seats…and then it happened.. I found those washers.. Mind you they were stainless steel washers, so they had some value.. But Woody Boater worthy.. on a Monday.. In my true A.D.D fashion.. It was in front of me.. So bang it was a story..  And it keeps going, you guys really love those washers.. I mean REALLY love them… Upolstry folks chimed in, debates.. Jesus.. Who would have thought.. I may do a story on bung holes soon if you keep it up…

Soooooo, 10 minutes after I published the story, I got images in from Lake Hopatcong.. I felt horrible.. Here I was making fun of washers and being burned out and my pals are just now dealing with the hell or Irene. How selfish of me.. They too had an earthquake, and now water.. And it may get worse.. The dam on Lake Hopatcong was opened, and it flooded the lower areas.. And now, more water is coming into the lake from run off.. So the water is expected to rise even more according to one local that I spoke to.. Nothing official mind you.. The losses are sickening.. Our fellow Woody Boater John Rothert posted the above image on the boat buzz of one such loss..Here is that story.  And more are expected from around the country.. Ugh.. makes me sick to my stomach.. I don’t even know how to laugh about it yet.. I am trying.. trust me, my filter is thin and I am always the first to crack a joke at a funeral or something horrible.. But this one just hurts.. OK maybe just one..  Did ya hear about the guy in Vermont that… na… thats not funny.. Ok Ok, how about the folks in Michigan.. Ya… na.. nothing funny there.. I aint got it.. just washer jokes.. Ugh..

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  1. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    Read the Boat Buzz story . . . toilet bowl wax??? That’s worth a joke, even in the circumstances! A victim of the Tsunami you were looking for during the earthquack! Sorry, I also enjoy funerals from the light side. In fact, you are invited to mine – party planned!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    I read the story and I too ask…Toilet Bowl Wax? Is this a temporary technique I’m not aware of for when you want to go out but just don’t have the time to secure the bottom correctly? Maybe I’m just too inexperienced? And I had a 5200 bottom put on, man the $$ I could have saved. Next time picket fencing for planks and toilet bowl wax. Shame about the boat though.

  3. matt
    matt says:

    The toilet bowl wax trick is used a lot in this area as a chep substitute for slick seam, which is a cheap substitute for actually taking care of your bottom.. Most of the wood boats in this area are made much much more sound then the light weight Chis Crafts.. 1 inch thick boards on dead rises.. So a thin wax to help the boat swell is the go to method, and works.. but god only knows what else was wrong with this cruiser. And how long they let it soak up before going under way.. Ugh, I hate reading about this stuff, I am glad that no one was hurt.. Unlike a couple years back when two women died on there cruiser here.. Thanks to John for bringing this all to our attention

  4. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    You can also use it on your bikini top – as a bikini wax . . . no, that’s sometihng different . . . OH, a BIMINI wax . . . yeah, that’s it!

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