Not So Fast, Mr Phelps!

This Olympics is one of the best in my life time. Beijing has gone all out and watching something positive happen on the TV is very refreshing. A huge part of that is Michael Phelps. He is what we are all about as a country. He eats like a pig and works hard and is kicking some major ass over there.. But in order to save face at home with the wife, I had to do some bragging about my self. And all I could think off was … OK the fastest he can swim in the water is 8mph… maybe. The average for such a swimmer is 6 mph… What the hell, that’s idol speed for me and my 67 year old Woody Boat. So in the water any time Mr Phelps. Oh and I will be eating those chocolate pancakes you love so much while I kick your speedo wear’n butt …. Woohooo, I am going speedo boating!