Only One Big Problem With the Latest Classic Boating Report On Sierra Boat Co. It Isn’t True!

In the latest issue of Classic Boating Magazine.

For the record, Okay lots of for the records today. One, we are the last people on earth to correct mistakes or point them out. We have made an art form out of spelling words and butchered names. And from time to time have been known to mislabel a boat, town or person.

Two For The Record, we are not very keen on pointing out mistakes that others make. It’s petty and reference Number one. BUT, in this latest issue of classic boating they have reported that “Sierra Boat Sells”!

To be honest, this is just crappy reporting. And we know crappy reporting! No one does it crapper than us. Until now!

And with a report like that, it can be a bit of a PR issue on how to release such information. But one glaring issue here. It’s just not true. I will admit we heard the rumor about two months ago, and did this mind boggling deep investigation, since it is news. Are you ready, because this sort of thing is breakthrough. We called him! Yup, I dialed the phone, and talked to Herb. I told him I heard a rumor and wanted to confirm. He said No, he had NOT sold. Now, business’s do this. I my self get calls, even have partnerships, heck, have taken a deal right to the brink, and backed away. But you always try and do it quietly. Someone, someplace, clearly started blabbing about something. But again, a call to Herb, would clear that up. Thats just what you do.  But, we were not the only reporters that heard the rumors.

Did Classic Boating hire Brian?

So last night an email from Herb comes in and is is of course confused since he actually might be the first to know. And was NEVER called or interviewed, NO SALE HAD HAPPENED! And the person/buyer quoted in the story, as if there had been an interview also said he has never spoken to Classic Boating magazine, and doesn’t even know them. OUCH. This is where the story really becomes a train wreck. That “Buyer” is a personal friend of Herbs and they are not too pleased.

Now, Reason For The Record Three why we are even doing this story pointing this out. Well. It’s out there and this could effect business at Sierra, and put Herb in a tough spot. And Classic Boating, even if they print a retraction on the cover with sparkles, won’t be out for another 3 months. As in November. After the last gasp. Or in Hessel the dead of winter.

Is my Classic boating here yet?

So we wanted to help all involved. Yes, we are trying to help, not gloat….ish. We wanted to help Classic Boating to get the message out ASAP, while of course roasting them.  And Herb so he can stop taking all the Prozac left in California.  And Herbs friend who is still wondering who is Classic Boating.

So there ya have it. To summarize. Sierra Boat Co still is owned by Herb Hall, Classic Boating is trying to get there Ditto machine to work and running around with an 3 egg omelet on their face, and we here at Woody Boater are shocked that we are the ones that didn’t screw up! Just a normal day in Woodyboaterville. Now get out there and enjoy the weekend! AND TUNE IN TOMORROW For the BIG Boat Sale of Evangelene? Will she reach over One Million Bucks?

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    How do you mistakenly print an interview with a new owner you never even talked to? Did someone punk Classic Boating?

  2. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Does CB need a towel to wipe the egg off their face? Too bad, a good publication that made a big boo-boo. Once again, you can’t always believe what you read.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    I am trying to think here that it was all done with the best intentions. That they had a deadline to the printers and the person that told them this stuff swore it was true. But this is why when at our agency we manage such things, NO ONE TALKS. NO ONE! This is the reason why.

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:


      Even a looming deadline ought not to result in an error of that magnitude…Interesting tho…I started subscribing to Classic Boating with Vol #1 Number 1 but several years ago it stopped coming and I thought it was no longer being published. Good thing I didn’t print that idea anywhere. Norm taught me a little bit about taking pictures…That was back when he still wasn’t sure digital would last. I hope he is doing well.

  4. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Well……not to be too nitty picky – but Matt……… have no leg up on Classic Boating when it comes to proofreading faux paux. (note that your spell check flagged paux but will not suggest a replacement).
    I have more than once winced when reading Classic Boating and stumbling across a rather obvious error in grammar. I notice these things mostly because I do them all the time myself.

  5. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Fake News. Looks like we have to check out everything that is reported. Weather here on Woody Boater, Classic Boating Boat Club Publications, and local news: but most of all national news. The problem is multiple reports are often based on the same initial bad sources. Books are no better. The CC essential guide has noumerous inaccurate points. Even our book on Century has some that we found after publication. Some ours, and some meaning changes made by editors at the publishers. The ones that are truly mistakes are just that, a mistake. But intentional ones are the true problem, weather to say something is correct on a vintage boat that isn’t so you don’t lose points at a show, or make a boat more valuable, ( The Theayer IV that made little or no film time ) Or fake reporting to promote a certain political view. The key is check and. recheck. Not everything you read or see on tv, print or the internet are true.

  6. Rivaguru
    Rivaguru says:

    Quite well put!

    The FIRST rule of journalism is VERIFY YOUR INFORMATION & SOURCE(S)!
    In this case, one very simple ‘phone call would have prevented this monumental and very public blunder.

    • Kentucky Wonder
      Kentucky Wonder says:

      The second rule of journalism is that no story has just a single source. Facts are not facts until a second, unrelated source confirms them.

      As a former photojournalist, working for newspapers and magazines, I always wince when something like this happens. Everyone I ever worked with strived to make stories as accurate and fair as possible.

      It will be interesting to hear what REALLY caused this to happen. My bet is there is an ounce of truth somewhere in this pound of confusion.

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Nothing wrong with the headline… Sierra Boat Sells great boats, motors, restoration services, parts – everything the hobby needs and desires. Herb and his predecessors are doing and have done a great job! We know what the headline should have said, but it’s not true, so no need to correct it – right? 😉

  8. Chris Brogna
    Chris Brogna says:

    As the VP of the now scandalized aforementioned boat co. I can honestly say that the CB article is not accurate. There is of course an ounce of truth to most stories as ‘Kentucky Wonder’ pointed out. But just because I drove a 1937 Garwood once doesn’t mean I’ll ever be lucky enough to own one! Check out our Facebook page for our official position on this topic and in the meantime, thanks for all of your support and enjoy your summer!

  9. Miles Kapper
    Miles Kapper says:

    Somewhere along the line there was clearly a mis understanding. I have always known Norm Wangard to be a stand up guy and I don’t think he will hesitate to explain what happened. To that end if apologies are in order I think he would be the first one to step up to that plate.

  10. Lew
    Lew says:

    Very well stated Matt. As usual, I love your style!
    The rumor mill around Tahoe has been going nuts for months with this issue. Some of the rumors have been quite entertaining as well and ha e even made Herb laugh. As Herb is a close friend to many of us, I have talked with him several times to get the latest updates on trying to set people straight and kill the madness. Thank you for helping our friend too!

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