Pardon My Wake Of Words. I Got Somth'n To Say!

I found this decal on the web. Somehow I made a connection. Sometimes while writing this journal I feel like this guy. Racing through the hobby, creating havoc in my wake of rants and comments. For the record. I love it. This hobby needs a place that it can express it’s point of view, good or bad. The last posting on the Edison Electric Boat was a classic case. It started out as a positive story. I like the boat and applaud the folks at Edison for trying something different. That’s of course how power boating started. But boy oh boy. The comments started coming in and by email. The email ones a tad more brutal. Bring it on I say. Same with the ACBS story. That one really hit a nerve. And hopefully will be addressed by the ACBS. They’ve got issues for sure. I also am looking back at Joe Martell. Man that was fun. Hope to see him again. So here is to commenting and letting loose. Keep ‘m coming.