Plans Already In Place To Restore Michael Jackson.

Classic Boat Restorer Kapt Krunch Looking At actual “Bubbles”era photo to see what will be needed.

Yes I know, why not restore Farrah Faucet. Farrah just created wood… Michael Jackson, we associate plastic with him. My point is that he actually can be restored thanks to modern methods. … Right upon hearing of his untimely death I called several well known Classic Boat restorers and asked what epoxy concoction could we use to bring him back. His ticker could be handled my several well known Motor guys. And I am sure that several of the archivists can look through some old photos to make sure we are on track…OH god, wait….Which Micheal Jackson do we restore? Pre-Thriller, Post Bubbles? Nose, or no nose? The Dianna Ross years, or what. Should we restore him to what the Good lord Factory would have intended as seen in this Artist’s Impression of Michael Jackson With out Plastic.

or the Customized version? What show category could he perform in. Is he considered real if he is rebuilt? Ugh! This all seemed so easy last night…
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  1. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:

    In the photo with Capn Krunch…that is Mike on the left, right? or what is left of the chimp (chump) is on the right??
    Do something on Ed McMahon for us….no one old enough to have a classic boat…think Mike was any sort of classic.

  2. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:

    The chimp in the pic is saying…"ok Mike, let's keep BOTH hands visible at all times….

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    It seems the woodyboater has other interests. Professional help may be required to bring him out of his fasination with the dead. Good luck.

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