The Top 10 Reasons Your Antique & Classic Boat's Gas Price Proof!

Well. If you are reading this, then you are clearly a Classic Boat lover. And you are most likely feeling a tad nervous. “What the hell” you’re thinking. My passion, my hobby relies on gas. And at 4 bucks a gallon. Dang! It’s one thing spending a small fortune on varnish and spark plugs. But now it costs me 30 bucks more to go out.

DON’T RUN JUST YET! Here are the Top 10 Reasons that Classic Boating is gas price proof.

1.Boating will always be in our lives. The world is mostly water!

2.We have all been here before. For those of us that lived through the gas crises in the 70’s, and from what I can tell from the demographic profile of classic boat lovers, that’s about 99% of us… Than you know that it will level out. And as an American you are genetically programed to have a short memory. Not to mention your Antique & Classic boat has seen this same thing happen many times in its lifetime. WWI, WWII, Jimmy Carter!

3. I’ll pay 10 bucks a gallon rather than have nothing and sit in gas lines for 3 hrs.

4. Your classic boat sitting is more attractive than anything else in your home. Excluding spouses and children… Let it sit. It still brings a twinkle in your eye.

5. You never use the boat anyway. Jesus, every time you go out something needs to fixed anyway. So just think of all the money you are going to save by not repairing things.

6. Compared to all those huge Sea Rays that get 2 miles per gallon, your classic boat is the Toyota Prius Hybrid of boats.

7. When you are out on the water it’s like 1950, because there are no other boats out there.

8. It’s not about boating as much as it is about the lifestyle and the boat itself. Lets be honest, if it was about the boating we would be in a 2008 Boston Whaler or something.

9. My boat takes 25 gallons. That’s approx, 30 bucks more this year than last year per fill up. 30 bucks is a salt lick lunch at Applebees these days. I can skip that one day a month, for a day of Classic boating. Peanut Butter and Jelly is so underrated and as a matter of fact, the type of meal that is meant to be eaten in your classic boat. PPJ, a Coke in a glass bottle, and the smell of exhaust on a hot summer day out on the water. Dang, that sounds right to me!

10. I spent 3 years talking my wife into this boat, I ain’t letting 1 buck more a gallon prove that she was right! NO WAY.