Woody Boating At The Intersection Of Hollywood & Hessel.


This is all I saw for 5 hrs yesterday. At least i had the exit row

Well, it happened. Both Texx and I at the same time were in route last night to two different areas, and wound up in a internet and sleep deprived mess. Texx is at the Fleabag Inn in Michigan with a very bad internet , and I was on a flight til very late into Hollywood. Yes, that Hollywood. But guess what, Hollywood has no boats, oh I have internet, and am at a very nice hotel. And Texx has boats, and a story….. But in a coma from no sleep and on west coast time, confused. So are we. Whats worse? No Boats, or no way to talk about them?

claer lake californinia

Ok, maybe a post card from claer lake Californinia

This is a first in 8 years. Texx was loading a story and it wouldn’t happen and I am brain dead. Now the fancy header is one email that Texx sent in from his stop on the way home trip, visiting Alex Watson and his collection of Mahogany and Plastic in magical Hessel. So you can drool over the header while I bask in non boatness with all that Hollywood has. Does any of this make sense. What a harsh contrast to what is the best two weeks of reporting in Woody Boater history. With record readership and amazing photos. And there is more. Now I need to go drink a gallon of Cappuccinos and an egg white Omlet with a hint of…. oh god, Texx, lets trade areas..


Todays awsome header is just a tease

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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Just run by Jay Leno’s garage ( isn’t it nearby ?) borrow fast car and run over to Lake Tahoe or Lake Arrowhead..You can find boats at either place.

    As to Texx….Even in a flea trap motel, Hessel is a great place…Run over to Tom Flood’s house…I’ll bet he and Mary have internet….I remember being at the show there and asking a local why so many U-22s ? The reply…They are the equivalent of the Ford F-150 for us…We haul everything from kids to lumber to the islands in them.
    Both of you, enjoy where you are…It is projected to be 100 in Tallahassee today.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    I have been traveling on the highway my entire life for both business and personal – and these days once you decide what town you want to stay in, you can just Google “Hotels in Lake Mosquito” and they all pop up.

    Problem is these days what you see on the Internet and what is actually there is often two different things. So I prefer to see what the place looks like when you pull up so you don’t pre-book a dump.

    They all say free WiFi and free breakfast. But that often translates into crappy impossible WiFi and a cold Pop Tart. That’s what happened last night.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Happening only once in eight years is no excuse. You guys have a huge responsibility as center of the WoodyBoat universe, LOL! BTW, it’s nice to see the water level up in Hessel.
    Texx, the Canadian Blue Water chapter is having a nice boat show in Sarnia this Saturday that several of our club members are participating in. Stop by and I will buy you a Tim Horton’s.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    The rumor is that you were mumbling in your sleep, “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup.”

  5. Texx
    Texx says:

    Thanks guys! After my wonderful visit with Alex and his family (which included a perfect boat ride in his 25′ Sportsman) I headed west from Hessel for 4 hours to get some miles under my belt. My next destination is Bay Lake Minnesota, about 450 miles west for a few days of classic boating (and stories).

    I think motels / hotels should have a star rating system for their WiFi – like “Free 4 Star Wifi” listed when you check in. But I guess everyone isn’t as dependent on the Internet like we are.

    Greg the water levels are so good (high) in the Les Cheneaux Islands (Lake Huron) that Alex said he is seeing boats that he has never seen before, as the owners can once again use their boat houses. – Texx

  6. OLd Salt
    OLd Salt says:

    Matt must be pitching “On Golden Pond 2” using Pumpkin instead of Thayer IV to a big time Hollywood producer..!

    Since Matt is so tired I think we should all play “Cast on Golden Pond 2”
    Woody boaters who would you cast to play the Norman, Ethel, Chelsea, and Billy in the sequel movie?

  7. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    We compare all Fleabag Motels to the ONLY one in my wife’s Hometown. It hasn’t been updated since the mid ’60s. It’s rubber backed carpeting is so bad that you can’t walk across it barefoot without having to then wash your feet!

    There’s a “charming” Motel in Marysville that we have stayed at while working on my boat in Port Huron or attending a boat show in St. Clair or Algonac. It used to be a Day’s Inn but lost that ownership a few years ago. It’s clean (as far as I can see) but again hasn’t had any capital lavished on it in decades, which actually makes it a neat place. It has two larger rooms, one on either side of the centrally located office, that are trimmed out in Chris Craft/Gar Wood Mahogany. Perfect for Woody Boating activity!!

  8. Alex
    Alex says:

    Mind is racing. Movies. Boats. Movie boats. So many paths this could take. Here’s one. The boat used in the chase scene in From Russia With Love. Interesting lines. Not quite beautiful, but certainly distinctive. It’s a Fairey Huntsman 28′.

    I’ve already looked it up. There are several for sale. Will set one back $150,000 ish to buy a decent one. And they’re in Europe. Rats!

  9. Alex
    Alex says:

    Here’s a pic of the actual Fairley Huntsman 28′ used in the Bond film. Bet you could buy it for less. Looks like it needs a total restoration though.

  10. Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers says:

    Great shot, Texx. That’s a very rare 1925 Great Lakes Boat Co. runabout – owned by Dave & Sandy Heiss. The story behind their finding the derelict boat in a field back in the 1970s – through restoration in the 1990s – to it being dockside in the Les Cheneaux today – would be worth a future Woody Boater article on its’ own. Hope you enjoyed your time in the Islands. See you at the boat show on August 8?

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Thanks Jeff – I was hoping someone here would recognize that boat today. It had me mystified.

  11. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You would think a high budget operation like Woodyboater would have portable satellite uplinks.

    Anyone going to the Winecountry show in Hammondsport this week? Look me up, I have 5 star wifi and bacon.

  12. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    All Texx’s traveling story reminds me of the fiasco in Tavares this spring when the new owners of the Lakeview Inn didn’t honor their year old reservations. Didn’t Woody HQ have to move to a different location? Luckily I had waterfront accommodations alongside Al Benton.

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