What A Perfect Day In Virgina For A U22!

Ya gots your “Pre War U22” and your “Post War U22”. But no U22 is designed better for the current conditions here on the Eastern Shore of Virgina today than the “During The War U22” We have been flooded here some kinda rough… in a underwater kinda way. Enter the versatile U22…submarine. Leave it to the Germans to come up with a version that works in any weather. OK it aint no fish’n boat… and take’n the Fräulein out on a picnic could be rough… But think of all the jet ski’s you could finish off….. ohhhhhhhhh! I am gitt’n me one of these… Und then the collection will be complete.. und then I will get barrel backs, und then Sea Skiffs…. some of those little whirlwinds,,,ya,,,skeetos… und LYMANS all of them!!!!! und then I will need a bigger boat house und then a town… a shtate…. The World! oh boy…. maybe I should just be happy with my dreams….

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