Will The Corona Virus Effect Classic Boating?

I am ready!

First, I am not the place you should be getting information on the Corona Virus. But to be honest even more, our little universe of classic boaters is so small that no one will likely write an article for us. So I will try and apply some common sense for us. So will the Corona Virus effect us in our community? YES. Here is why, and what you can do.

We wear these..

As a rule our community is made up of middle aged people, who rate health as a very high priority. So, chances are you will avoid gatherings of other people. like boat shows, and shopping malls etc. So it may effect attendance to these events. Not right away, but as the virus does its thing here in the USA.

I love this photo. Lake Dora is okay and safe BTW. Everyones on a respirator anyway.

So is there any good news? Of course there is. One, our community is made up primarily of middle aged white males. And another truth is, no one cares about us as a group anymore. So chances are, neither does the virus. SEE.. Good news.

Please not everyone on the dock at the same time.

Have you even been to a boat show lately? Not huge crowds, and most of the people clearly havent left their… our.. Lazy Boys in years. So that’s good news.

Old nautical glass from Lake Dora Party House! Doing our part to stay safe

I read that Corona beer sales are down, which of course points out a couple things. REALLY? Is that how dumb we are? And wouldn’t that mean Corona Beer is now cheaper? And with that said, If you drink enough of it, could it help?  Okay, and this is where I may not be a medical professional. If you drink a crap load.. okay piss load of Corona Beer, you will pee a lot. Which is kinda a good thing, and you will be so plastered, you won’t care or even know you have it. See? That’s a good thing.

I will just live in my bilge.

We already have face masks. Hey, I have boxes of those things. So I wont have to buy a box for now $100 on amazon. Yup! Thats a good thing.

No virus can get through this. Just rub it all over your body.

My hands are so crapped up with engine oil, varnish, 5200, that no virus could penetrate that. Cancer? Sure, liver damage, okay? But  no Corona Virus. That’s a good thing.

We are ready!



My most peaceful moments are out on my WoodyBoat with my bride and dogs, not in shopping malls, or restaurants that serve bat Wings. So, there ya have it. Will the Corona Virus effect us in the community? Yes? Will it effect us here in Woodyboaterville? NO. Because you can go back to your lazy boy and enjoy the Corona Virus free universe of Woody Boater. Of course you may get another kind of virus. But that will only shut down your computer.. OH CRAP!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Maybe I’ll just become a maritime hermit. Go live on my cruiser in the middle of the bay and use Panther to go pick up groceries delivered to the dock by Amazon. No human contact. Also I’ll only read WoodyBoater very late at night to even avoid online crowds. Matt I suggest you stay in Reedville with a chain across the driveway to keep others out. Nah, screw all that and pass me another beer.

  2. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Yeah no effect EXCEPT MY 401k!!!! Ugh. Less “play money for boats!! But have lots of PPE having bought bulk N95 masks in the past.

    And I only drink Corona lite so I should be fine.

  3. Indian River, MI
    Indian River, MI says:

    “Middle Age”? Is that what you call it? Bless you my son.
    When I was younger, “Coronavirus” meant you had run out of limes. You needed the limes to plug up the bottle top so the flies wouldn’t crap in your beer………….
    And for all of us here, like a used car, it ain’t the year, it’s the mileage.
    So, bring on another bug, we’ve been out of warranty for years.

  4. Kenneth J. Rawley
    Kenneth J. Rawley says:

    NPR had an expert on two weeks ago. Masks are almost 100% ineffective as the virus is so small; it can simply bypass the masks unless they are taped to one’s face. Even then, a key means of transmittal is via hands, and people always touch masks. Masks on INFECTED people can restrict the virus; on healthy people…a waste of time and masks can actually enable the virus to spread, per above. The guy was quite clear and adamant on this point. But a mask on Ruby is quite acceptable.

  5. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    There are quite a few risque Corona Beer pics on line however, I’ll let others post them as I have too much respect for their beer.

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    I think the best way to avoid the conora virus is to have corona drinking buddies. Just not too big of a crowd !

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