Woody Boater State Of The Union.

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WoodyBoater has just hit 40,000 page views. With visitors from all over the world. I have no idea why someone in Saudi Arabia wants to look at Classic Woody Boats, but hey, they have in-door ski slopes and man made islands. Sooooooo. For the record, I will be glad to sell anyone of my boats for $999,999….. I’ll even throw in my Micheal Jackson collection… Anyway! 40,000 hits.. and NOT ONE STILL from the state of Wyoming! What in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is going on in Wyoming… Or not going on? California leads the click list. NY and Fla are almost a tie. To the best of my limited knowledge, there are roughly 10,000 classic boat nuts. So 40,000 hits is good, but could be better.

The next step, is to make the daily postings more available to folks interested in the passion. Possibly go into forums and sites that are about other common interests, like classic cars and destinations… Our mission here has been very simple and clear. To grow awareness of the Antique & Classic Boat Hobby around the world. Even Wyoming! Not that anyone there cares…mmmph! We do this all for free and make not one red cent. All the banners on the right are free to the companies. It’s not about money. So click away, comment, and send photo’s and stories. If you own a web site. Use us as your daily feed, so folks come to your site daily. That’s why we are here.

Have a great labor Day weekend and go use up some of Al Gores fossil fuel… Hey I hear the polar ice cap is melting!… Soon I’ll be able to go woody boating in my living room… Or maybe Wyoming will get a lake or something!