Yes, This Story Is Late! Woody Boater Is All Yours Today. Happy New Year…

Like Lays Potato chips, you can’t watch just one episode!

Is anyone really awake anyway. I want to say that my head hurts from a long night of dancing and kissing girls. But sadly it’s that I downloaded Game Of Thrones and stayed up all night watching them! OUCH. I got noting. Just a dull stair at the screen. So today is all yours. You know how to comment with pictures. Make sure they are not huge or they won’t load. You can plug anything you want. Want to sell a boat, do it. Need to brag about how nice your dust filled varnish job came out. Have at it. I am even let the 2,000 spam comments go today. Anyone want Viagra, or rolex watch? Now if your will excuse me, I need to go back to sleep. Clean up after you leave!

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  1. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    I had pledged to my wife that I was going to take my pillow and down sleeping bag and sleep in the back seat of the Ensign in the boathouse on New Years eve. But it dipped down to -10 in Balsam Lake and I decided to curl up in front of the fire with the dog and a scotch instead. Wimp.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Good news for everyone (well, almost) in Woodyboaterville! I have a very wealthy Nigerian client who wants to make Americans rich! Just send me $10,000 to cover the initial legal expenses and he will transfer $10 million into your account by the end of January.

    My appoligies to those up north. Like the Brass Bell and girl filled music videos, this offer is not available in Canada at this time.

  3. Randy
    Randy says:

    Hey, lets’ see if this brings Matt back to life:

    For Sale — 1956 MATTHEWS Martinique, fully restored. $4500 obo. Call Tiny at BR-549

  4. Charley Quimby
    Charley Quimby says:

    Two boats: 1939 16′ RWB “Miss Miami V”, barrel-back fresh and solid, also 1932 Brooks-Hacker 24′ double, rare build. Also scads of deck and underwater hardware. Cal Connell stuff including intakes, fabbed exhausts, etc. Early CCCM engine assy, Paragon 4XEs,etc. This is a good find for the serious woodboater. Selling in bulk, no tire-kickers. It all has to go, but this is not a fire sale. Charley 410-586-2182/

    • brian t
      brian t says:

      Thanks Alex – it is Zoomer, a 1930 custom boat. Lake Oswego resident Ralph Coan and his brother (it is believed) built the craft in a warehouse in Portland and then launched her in 1930 on Oswego Lake, where she stayed until 1998. We purchased her in 2003 from Ralph’s daughter. The above photo was taken on Odell Lake in Eastern Oregon, at the Shelter Cove Resort where we rent a cabin and fish for Kokannee every August.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Brian T, ah yes. Zoomer! I’ve seen photos of it in earlier postings as I recall. Looked cool then too.

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