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Classic Muskoka Part 6 – If Only Boats Could Talk, The Tales They Could Tell

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IF YOU ARE A REGULAR VIEWER HERE AT WOODY BOATER, you know by now that some days we like to travel down a different avenue of the hobby to see where it takes us. Today is one of those days. Our recent exposure to the legendary Dippy boats…

Classic Muskoka Part 4 – Toronto ACBS Summer Vintage Boat Show

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WITHOUT A DOUBT the best way to attend a classic boat show is to cruise down the lake on a warm summer morning in July. That's exactly what we did on Saturday morning in Muskoka. Chris & Julie Bullen had a few boats to ferry down…

Woody Boater Poker Run In Muskoka – We Bet You Will Have Fun

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SINCE THE EARLY DAYS OF WOODY BOATER we have had the pleasure of reporting on boat shows and events in conjunction with our friends from the Toronto Chapter ACBS. Through those reports, together with our viewers, we have learned to appreciate…