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Chasing Down A Blue Tarp Special

OVER THE YEARS, many of us have been involved in chasing down a sketchy lead, with the hope of maybe finding an old wooden boat. Usually those leads take us down rural roads well off the beaten path, searching through barn yards or at a…

The Restoration Of D.D. Gorgeous – Rough Cut

On Monday this week we ran a great story about the successful re-launch of "D.D. Gorgeous" a (now) outstanding 1941 Chris-Craft 19' Custom Barrelback owned by Jay & Cindy Peterson from Lake Steilacoom, Washington. Fellow Woody Boater (and…

Nothing More Than An Old Rotted Out Flower Box When We Bought Her – Until Now

Last weekend a freshly restored 1941 Chris-Craft Barrelback was introduced to her new home on Lake Steilacoom, near Tacoma, Washington - And her name is "D.D. Gorgeous". And did we mention she is Gorgeous? And we should also mention that Lake…