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Chris – Craft Water Ways On Ebay Reminds Me, Anyone Know Lori Pastic?

If you are into iconic Chris Craft marketing images, these Water Ways brochures are the top of the tops. large beutiful pictures of classic Chris Craft marketing. Marketing Director and ..yes.. fellow Woody Boater Herb Pocklington was the master…

It’s Woody Boater ebaybe Day!

Today on Woody Boater we introduce you to a new term and feature. eBaybes! Thats right, babes on ebay! We have all seen them in various places, old snap shots for sale, pin up calendars, and general stuff on ebay! So today, we thought we…

The Boat Buzz Un Plugged – The First Of Many To Come!

Wow wow wow! What a fun time. I had to check out to get the boatress early before dinner, but for the record it was a jammed packed day of fun and eye opening moments. And great to see folks that we know online everyday! Jim Evens came in…

Boat Babes See The Light Of Day!

Dear god an entire file named . Chris craft girls!!!!