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Yes, It’s The Oldest Joke In The Book, But..

I admit it, I am 53 years old and a good fart joke still makes ma laugh. Toilet humor and bad dumb jokes still bring a smile to my smacker. I am still 12 according to my wife by the way. One could say that it's a "gay old time" when we all sit around smoking our "fags". And nothing beats the old elementary school fave, "Your Epidermis is Showing" That one still works with the kids.. I also enjoyed, what word starts with F and ends with UCK? A belly whacker for sure. FIRETRUCK by the way.... So today, please pull out all your oldies. I am sure you have some. Remember this is a family site.. You get extra points if it's related to classic boats. We will set aside a special place for all the Johnson jokes. On Saturday afternoon at the ACBS International event in Geneva Lake we were hanging around the bar telling Johnson Jokes, then we spotted this in the Mecum Auction tent. As WoodyGal posed for the Johnson photo, all of a sudden the sign magically "Illuminated"... It was amazing!