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Classic Muskoka Part 6 – If Only Boats Could Talk, The Tales They Could Tell

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IF YOU ARE A REGULAR VIEWER HERE AT WOODY BOATER, you know by now that some days we like to travel down a different avenue of the hobby to see where it takes us. Today is one of those days. Our recent exposure to the legendary Dippy boats…

Classic Muskoka Part 1 – All Systems Are “GO” Including Amelia Who “Went” Today!

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WE FINALLY MAKE IT TO MUSKOKA TODAY and are now settling into to our outstanding accommodations at Chris & Julie Bullen's cabin on Morris Island - on Lake Muskoka. This afternoon we were joined by Karen & Bill Ballard who made the…

The Greatest Little Motor Boat Afloat

Today, for a change of pace, we decided it would be nice to take a break from Hot Topics such as High Restoration Costs, 3,000 HP Unlimited Hydroplanes, and preparing for the trip to Lake Dora - and take a quiet, peaceful putt across Lake…