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Nor-Son, Inc Announces Premiere Sponsorship Of The 2015 Woods and Water Event In Minnesota

STAGING A PREMIERE CLASSIC BOATING EVENT presents many challenges for the organizers and host ACBS Chapter. Corporate sponsorship is one of the key elements in terms of meeting the objectives of the event and it's ultimate success. The…

The Fourth Annual Gull Lake Classic Boat Show – Firing On All Cylinders For 2012

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Today we are honored to have our friend Lee Wangstad here to report on the Fourth Annual Gull Lake Classic Boat Show in Minnesota. For those of you who don't know Lee, he is a noted writer for publications like the ACBS Rudder & Classic…

Classic Boats Tour Gull Lake On Saturday – 2012 Is Bigger And Better Than Ever!

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One of the most asked questions Matt & I hear when we go to boat shows or classic boating events is - "How do you guys do it every day?" The answer to that question is - "We are able to keep the stories fresh with the help of all the…