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What’s Under The Blue Tarp! Part Two!

So where were we? Oh that's right, we were all standing in front of the blue tarp in Pops yard. The comments by the way yesterday were priceless, and kept me going through a tough day at the office. Folks in one of the many meetings would…

Starlight Express – Realizing A Childhood Dream (Part 2 – The Next 22 Years)

In 1956 fellow Woody Boater Randy Mueller's dream of one day ownig a Matthews Martinique Express began when he received his first set of brochures from the MATTHEWS Company in Port Clinton, Ohio with a nice letter from their sales manager,…

Starlight Express – Realizing A Childhood Dream (Part 1 – The First 33 Years)

This is a remarkable story about fellow Woody Boater Randy Mueller and his 55 year dream to some day own a perfectly restored Matthews Martinique Express. I first met Randy at the 2010 Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance, he was there with his freshly…