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Lake Mohawk New Jersey – Saturday 11-4 It’s The Cool Thing To Do!

Looks like another scorcher this weekend, here in DC its supposed to hit 106. So, you can sit in your AC and watch TV and watch old movies and B Ball, maybe a food network show on BBQ. Basically, watching other people living life. OR, you…

Thayer IV And Mariah Bring The World Of Classic Boating Together Again! Exclusive Pictures That Almost Never Happend!

After two years this was the moment that I dreamed of.. All the players together in one place. The Owners of Thayer IV and Mariah all out on the water. A once in a lifetime event for sure, never to be repeated again. And it almost never…

U.S. Mail Boat Mariah Makes A Splash At Lake Hopatcong! See the Exclusive Video!

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While we were out on Lake Dora The folks up at Katzs Marina were still hard at work preparing Mariah for here water test. I may not be right on this but think that Mariah has not been in the water since the film was shot. With less than 200…

Exclusive Woody Boater Video, And Official Images Of Thayer IV Complete.

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Thanks to Woody Boater Photographer Bob "Have I Got I Calendar For You " Kays and the good folks at Katz's Marina. We have the first "Official " images of Thayer IV U22-1460 The main picture boat from On Golden Pond, complete and motoring…

So Close! This Image Just In Of Thayer IV U22-1460..

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As promised, here is the latest image in from Katz's Marina. Sooooooo close.. The latest drama was a bend rudder on Mariah and some missing bolts for the strut. Stay tuned.

Mariah Gets Her Letters – The Lettering Of Mariah The On Golden Pond US Mail Boat

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Here it is, live-ish. We have been getting in images all day of the event. This is always one of my favorite times, when it all comes together.. Or apart.. but with all the planning and world class support.. Its all looking fantastic. Alan…

CSI Solves On Golden Pond Question! AGAIN!

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One of the final details of the On Golden Pond Boats is the lettering. And when you do that with a very famous boat. You bring in the best in the country. Alan Johnson. And of course  art takes over science. Until Frank "CSI" Miklos gets…