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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen It’s That Time Again! LETS PLAY, WHAT’S MY CLASSIC BOAT?

Alright folks, it's that time again where we get out our Bob Speltz books, and call any old geezer that might still be sitting in his way back machine. This classic boat on eBay is todays, mystery boat. At first glance it looks like one more…

The Official Woody Boater Last Gasp Boat Ride, At 105 MPH!

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For the record, This summer for the most part was a rainy miserable epic weather crap fest.. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Flooding, Tornadoes.. All here in VA .. What the hell.. The rainiest September in history..  But ..regardless we had a…

Get Out Your Ear Plugs Sunnyland..Race Boats!

8 DAYS! Just 8 days.. One could even cheat it and say just 1 week since we leave on Tuesday.. mmmm The Georgia Pig BBQ on the road there..A MUST STOP! mmmm.. OK I digress. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Natashia Kidimik who was at last years…

Some Afternoon Fun.. It’s Time To Play… Whats That Boat?

Whats this classic boat in photo. Garwood, Chris Craft, hacker craft