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Tahoe Sausage Day, Ahhh Come On, You Knew It Was Gonna Happen.

Yes, there are a ton of other shows that happened out there. But we would be remiss without a Sausage Day from Lake Tahoe. Now we are also going to include stuff that happened while reporting on the show. Needless to say my brain was been…

Exclusive Audio Of Thunderbird’s Motors Running!

You asked for it, we got it! Secret Spy went out and found this all for you. Engine sound of Thunderbird out on a nice run on lake tahoe.

It’s A Good Day For A Cruise On Thunderbird – Courtesy Of Steve Lapkin

Actually - Every day is a good day to go for a cruise aboard Thunderbird... providing it's boating season on beautiful Lake Tahoe and not snowing. But hey - here at Woody Boater we live in a virtual world where it's always boating season -…