Join the gang! We are out here looking for others.

Here it is, the future. Okay Apps are not the future, but for us in the classic boat community it sure is.  AND IT’S FREE! No strings, no nothing but the knowledge that you are not alone out there. – Here is how it works.

1.Go to the App store or the ANDROID store and look up WoodyBoater. Download it on your phone. Smart device.

2. Okay, once you open it up, it will ask you to sign in with a name and password. You can even sign in using your Facebook sign in. 


3. First item on the menu on the bottom is the NEWS. The news feed from WoodyBoater, updated daily, sometimes as news breaks. Scroll down and ads show up of our sponsors that support you and this for free!

4. Next item over is EXPLORE. Click on that and you will see some W icons in red show up. One of those is you if you set your settings that way. You will see others around you and as you pull out, across the USA and the world. Want to go to a new lake, now you can find others and places to stay and eat.

5. You can chat with those people if you like.

6. Next navigation is RECOMMENDED. This is a place where we have very cool places to visit and do business with. The restaurants are community recommended. These are not in all cases fancy 5 star places. They are all family old school owned places that we have used, tried and go back to.

7. COMMUNITY is for chatting and Events. Want to go someplace. Post it, and other can click on the little gray star showing your interest.

8. PROFILE – This is where you load your boats and info so others can find you. Kinda simple. It sets up all the other stuff, like the explore. Also once we know who you are, we will be offering exclusive discounts and opportunities only from the app. It will pay for its self in one click. Wait, no, you will proffit from that one click..BECAUSE IT’S FREE!
That’s it. Very simple. And to be honest we are not even sure how this can be used beyond all this. We do know that in the first day, over 350 of you signed up and folks found businesses  close to them that they didnt even know about. So as a sponsor, its a no brainer and the way business is being done. With over 50% of our traffic is now on mobil devices!

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