16 Days til MT Dora. With That Extra Hour Of Daylight, We May Just Make It.

On a three year project like this there are times were you just sit back and wonder. Will I make it. Will this darn thing ever get done. Then you look around, see the countless folks that are doing it. You get on the forums and phone. Thank god for the ACBS directory. And bury yourself back into it. And slowly but surly it starts coming together. With that said , the final coat of varnish is beautiful. The white lines go in this week. And I am taking off work for the week before Mt.Dora, so its a full time cram. The motor needs to be over sprayed. I detailed it to good. And the wiring needs to be put on the dash and restored gages. Oh god, I am in terror over that job. It’s going to be tight. But with out this deadline, it would take another year. That is one of the many charms of Mt Dora. It creates a deadline. Sometimes shows are less about showing and more about inspiration to do something great.

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    You guys have my vote for “Best Restored” but you’ll have to share the cover with “Best Preserved” in 2009.

    She’s looking great, guys. Can’t wait to see her up close and personal. Wow, that’s 2 weeks from Thursday! Get back to work!!!

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