200th Posting Of Woody Boater Stories. Wooohoooo!

Today is the big 200th Posting, with now over 27,000 page views since October 2007. With folks from every state in the U.S. EXCEPT for Wyoming. Not one! Virginia leads the list with over 2000, California is second. With FLA and NY in a dead tie.  The Mt. Dora Boat Show was a record for viewership with an average of 300 a day for close to a week. Al Benton’s destinations are also big draws. We are now linked to a nice group of other web sites and blogs. Earning us rating points on Google.  Woody Boater is also starting to lead on many search terms thus expanding the world of Antique & Classic boating to uncharted regions of the world wide web. As fare as Kuwait, Australia with 6 and some countries that I have no idea how to spell, or pronounce. Something tells me that those hits from parts of Nigeria are not there because of a deep interest in Classic boats. Needless to say, my spam folder is a wonderful collection of financial opportunities. Not to mention promises of a 30 inch…….

Thanks for all the kind words and continued support. Keep commenting and send fun stuff. Woody Boater
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