3, No Wait, 4, Maybe 5 Days Til Port Huron. I Think.

Okay! I got the countdown a tad out of whack. BTW, for those of you standing at the gate at Port Huron on Friday which is 3 days away, Wait, that’s 2 days, and depending when you are reading this could be one. You may be standing there alone. Or not. I don’t know. Maybe there will be a bunch of frantic Michiganers running around in a total panic fluffing the pillows and spraying the bathroom clean.

So let’s clear this up. I think. The pre Show stuff starts Sunday, that’s 6 Days from today, Wednesday, the event is a week long. The show part is NEXT weekend. Thats 11 Days? I think. We arrive on Thursday, I think thats 9 Days? I think. Clear yet? Really? Can you explain it too me? Cause I know this, next week I get in my truck and drive north til I see Blue water and a bridge.

And of course 3 days until the Reedville Show, where Stinky, WECATCHEM and Buttercup will be there.

In the meantime, there is always one at Jimmys Dock.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    If I am not there until Thursday, and you are not there until Thursday, it is safe to say the show doesn’t start until Thursday which is actually 8 days from now not 9, and 7 days from tomorrow. So, reset the countdown to 7 days with tomorrow’s header and I think everyone will know when to show up. Unless they are old retired people who registered for the pre-events.

  2. Phil
    Phil says:

    Four days for us, boat all set, truck filled and ready to go.
    Leaving 5:00am Sunday morning!
    Ready for a great week in the Blue…

  3. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    I’m also interested in that cap!
    Here are the designs for our caps at definitely the smallest Antique&Classic Boatshow ( even smaller than Reedville )to be held in Knysna, South Africa on 6th October. Copyright and all.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thats an old cap made fron New Old Stock Lancaster Hat Co patches. I have been trying to locate those patches again.

  5. bill
    bill says:

    I didnt know about the blue show was it advertised???hahah,leaving thursday for minnetonka to show ,or sell,my launch,ALOHA, then going to Quincy to run the big muddy[non blue] mississippi,alot closer and also a good time.,next year,lets go back to Gull Lake soon ,Thanks Bill

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