30th Annual Fulton Chain Rendezvous A La Kent O. Smith

“Echo” is a 1904 24’ launch of unknown builder owned by the Hornick family

Today we are fortunate enough to get this surprise report in from the Aderondacks from Kent O. Smith. Like in the headline. Okay, smart afts.. Here is your story.. Okay, it;s his story and his captions. I am merely the vessel today. Take it away Mr O. Smith.

Dash of Class #1 – 1939 Gar Wood 19’

Nestled in hills of the south central Adirondacks is the quaint town of Old Forge, which typically holds the distinction of being the coldest location in New York state each winter. Aside from it’s touristy water park, it a pretty quite town and has been the location of the Fulton Chain Rendezvous for thirty years.

Dash of Class #2 – 1895 Naptha launch converted to electric power

Dash of Class #3 – 1949 Chris Craft Custom 20’

The Fulton Chain consists of four interconnected lakes and a channel to the pond in Old Forge proper, spanning a distance of about 10.5 miles. It’s home to lovely small Adirondack style camps though over the years many of them have been upgrade to McMansions.

Post War Century

While vacationing in the area, several early members of the Adirondack Chapter thought it would be a good location for an antique boat show. The story, as I heard it, three boats attended the first “official” show and recruited a fourth local boat that weekend.

Aerial of part of show

Aerial with incoming boat

A home built Ventnor style racer

An excellent Feather Craft Rock on dudes!

The most recent event saw about 45 boats in attendance. Sadly, the 2020 and 2021 shows had to be canceled due to Covid, so folks seemed eager to get back to it. They were blessed with a sunny blue sky 74* no humidity day.

Some classy ladies on a classy Century. At least Kent thinks they are. The bumper hanging out says.. Mmmm..

The show is largely organized by the Hornick family; wife, sons, and extended family of the late great Paul Hornick, a well loved member of the Adirondack Chapter – and – Robb Kidd, son of Dave Kidd who was an early ACBS member and International President.

Peace Out – Some of the Hornick clan on “Echo”

The greatest thing about the Fulton Chain Rendezvous is how laid back and mellow it is. Everyone is so friendly, the relaxed casual atmosphere is most inviting. The local American Legion caters the event with $4 hamburgers and sausage patties. At the Saturday evening banquet at the VFW, you can expect to pay about $5 for a mixed drink. It’s a show that won’t break the bank especially in today’s inflationary world.

Classic Century glass

There is a welcome reception Friday evening at no cost, donate what you feel appropriate. Show day is short and sweet. It officially opens at 10AM and at 2PM, the boats depart the docks and parade from Old Forge Pond through the channel to First Lake. From there, it’s up to you – head all the way down to Fourth Lake or back to the docks.

Hey! Yo! Over here on the Gar Wood!

During the show there are free boat rides around the pond. The “Adironduck,” a small kit boat that the chapter built over several workshops, is onsite to give rides as well, especially to children.

Aye Yea Aye, “Irish Ayes”. BTW, Killer Lettering

High tech imagery taken from “The Mallard.” Isn’t that ducky?

Chris Craft Deluxe with a cool Mobilgas pennant

Some of the Hornick clan having fun on “Echo”

The boats that attend range the whole gamut. Many are local to the Fulton Chain and have been user boats in the same family since new. But you will also see show boats and folks that traveled from well out of town.

Antique Boat Show banner at the Hornick family’s camp

The Adirondack Chapter’s kit boat, “Adironduck”

Toots” at speed with the windshields down and Larry Turcotte riding in the second cockpit

You would be hard pressed to find a more relaxed and enjoyable boat show anywhere in the country. It’s well worth the trip at some point in your boat show travels.

Century Corranado at speed

Weehaw! Centuries Fly

Chad Brenner’s CC Blue & White replica

A neat NAMYL outboard

Classic glass Arabian

Boat hair day?

Toots” – about to hit a wave???

More classic Century glass

1945 USCG Whaleboat launch “Geraldine”

The younger Satterlys on “Tahawus,” 1949 CC Custom 20’

CC Sea Skiff “Timetable,” a local staple

1969 Donzi 16’ with a HUGE Merc!

Don’t let me fall out of the the GW Ensign!

The Adirondack Chapter will be hosting the 48th Annual Lake George Rendezvous on August 26 -27 and will feature a 100th anniversary tribute to the legendary Lake George Gold Cup raceboat “El Lagarto” so consider attending. As always, many thanks to the Hornick family and Rob Kidd for all their hard work over more years than we can count.

A spray shot, yea, need more waves like St Michaels

Century wake, thanks for the ride, Captain Ed

Splash of the Century

And a special thank you to Ed & Gayle Bobowicz from the Niagara Frontier Chapter for graciously offering to be the photo boat for the on water activities, and the wonderful boat ride thereafter.The aerial images are courtesy of Rod Spratting.
Kent O. Smith, Jr. / KAOS Imagery

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    PAUL CONOLLY says:

    Sorry we missed it this year. You are absolutely right, Kent, this show is by far the most laid back and enjoyable event on the circuit!

  2. Randy
    Randy says:

    “Adironduck” is a copy from my 10-ft CC Racing Pram Kit Boat. Looks nice in the water! All measurements and photos were taken off mine and offered by a fellow back east as a kit.

  3. Rod
    Rod says:

    Great photos and great scrivening, Kent. The Rendezvous participants, and the visitors too, all seemed to enjoy the revival of this laid-back and long-running show.

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