37 Days, And Just One More Coat of Varnish til the Mt Dora Show in Florida. Ok, Maybe 2…

Everything except the interior is marching forward. We are in the varnish doldrums. Sand, coat, sand, coat….. You would think that after coat 8 it could not get any better. Well. It does, each coat looks better than the next. I can see me on my death bead. My final words. “Just one more coat, and I will be better” cough…..

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  1. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    We are doing the seams today. 2 coats over that. And then wait 10 days. Buff, and pinstripe. Then wait 6 months and 3 more coats. and pinstripe again . and so on and so on. The mental wards in most hospitals admissions are 20% varnish related causes. I think if we look deeply into Britney’s emotional issues. At some point she varnished a boat…really.

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