A Funky Lake Cumberland Post Card Opens Up A Universe.

Old Post card, early 1960’s

While paroozing eBay the other day I saw this funky post card of an old marina lodge. on the back was lake Cumberland Lodge. Now I also did some digging and what do ya know. Its still there. And heck still has that dang phone booth.

Back of card

Gotta love tradition like that. And best yet, a new lake to visit? We have been thinking of seeing the South’s lakes, and I think Tennessee is in the south? Of course I googled lake Cumberland, and well, we have visited their. Okay virtually visited.  HERE is the story. Man oh man, I need to get out more!

The same location, still there. With an addition.

Thats a busy lake!

And as it turns out Kentucky Wonder reports from there all the time. Good god? How have I forgotten all this?

We report on the lake regulary

HERE IS THAT STORY,  which brings up an interesting topic. Visiting places i have reported on but have no clue what they are about? The texture and history of the place. After all after spending time on Lake Como, I came away with an entirly different feel of the place, and the reporting was better. Lake Ruban in Georgia in photos and online is a magical place. BUT.. SMALL, Which can be nice. Everyplace has its certain sunshine and joy that would be fun to explore. So this year coming, 2019 we are going to explore more of the south. Maybe take Stinky on a fumagation tour of southern lakes? Got any ideas of Lakes? Georgia, South Carolinia, Alabama, Tennasee?

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Other than Florida the only lakes I have visited in the south are Kerr Lake and Lake Gaston on the Virginia/NC boarder. Interestingly as I research these lakes Kerr feeds Gaston. I have no idea what the woody scene is like there, only rented a pontoon boat while visiting.

    • Dave Olson
      Dave Olson says:

      Besides that, Smith Mountain Lake feeds both of these lakes. As the Gem of the Blue Ridge, SML has a great Woodie boat seam. Go to Woodenboats.net and see the ACBS SML Chapter and all we do. A great chapter and even better members.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Did the rental houseboat thing on Lake Cumberland many years ago when the girls were young. Three families with a bunch of kids. Took along a Tupperware cuddy cabin for water sports. We had a ball, but you are always lost on that lake. Many bays that all look the same and very little development. All we had was a compass and chart, but we somehow got back!

  3. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Being for Southern Kentucky I can tell you that Lake Cumberland is a great place to visit, although land locked it it over 100 miles long and has a restaurant at every marina (some better than others) and in many places around 130 ft deep. The best places to stay would be the state park lodge or the Jamestown marina that is right across the water from each other and during the summer season there are many boats cruising around. It is the houseboat capitol and all marins rent them all summer long. There is not much development along the shoreline because the Corp of Engineers will not allow it to happen. There are a couple of party coves on the lake that especially on the weekends are very interesting to visit.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    I’ve had Panther down on Watts Bar Lake, Fort Loudon Lake and Tellico Reservoir. All fun and deep. Often we would (gasp) rent a pontoon boat to act as a party platform for the day. Don’t remember the restaurant names we went to but always attracted attention when pulling up in our woody.

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Lake Hartwell on the Ga./S.C. border is a great lake with Clemson stadium on one side and a great Ga. state park on the other….Several nice wayside stops and a great boat show once a year.

  6. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    A British ‘phone box! That’s one of the last patterns, with big single windows. Good to know it’s still there. These days nobody uses ‘phone boxes as they all have the dreaded mobile ‘phone….except me

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    My wife and I had a friend who had a houseboat on lake Cumberland back in the 80s. Lots of good times. Best time to go is in the fall. Definitely a houseboat/pontoon boat lake because no shore houses. I did see a couple of Lyman’s on the lake.

  8. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    You won’t find a more beautiful lake than Lake Jocassee located in Salem, SC. Water falls, sandy beaches and crystal clear cool water, there are houses to rent and Devils Fork State Park has really nice villas and camp sites to rent. It’s a bring your on fun place, no restaurant or bars.

  9. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Lake Cumberland would make a GREAT place for a Stop on the First Annual WoodyBoater Lake Tour. As Ronald said, the Kentucky State Park there has a nice lodge (try the Southern Eggs Benedict) and rents out Boatels – houseboats used as floating, mobile, deluxe hotel suites. The launch ramp at the State Park is the best I have seen, though the people loading dock at the ramp site is just adequate. There are free shuttle vans moving people from lodge to docks to launch ramps, so you will not need to use your car once you are there.

    Put me on the planning committee for the event. I will coordinate the Bar-B-Q delivery for the big party.

    Summer weekends are busy, but the one you REALLY want to avoid is the weekend of the Poker Run, when crazy people in ridiculously fast boats endanger everyone on the water. People have gotten killed.

    • JimD
      JimD says:

      May I extend an invitation to visit Lake Martin, Alabama. It is large lake (approx. 44,000 acres with 750 miles of shoreline) formed when the Tallapoosa river was dammed in 1922. It is home to my 1963 Century Resorter. I am not aware of any formal classic boat organization, but can recommend a local business, Cutwater Marine Services (cutwatermarineservices.com ) as a source of information on resident boats. Of historical interest, Lake Martin was the haunt of Hank Williams in the 40’s (whenever his wife kicked him out). He penned his song “Kowaliga” about a resort and restaurant still in business today.

  10. Dave
    Dave says:

    Go a little farther west to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Here is a picture of a resort my dad built in the early 60’s. There is a Higgins,a couple of Lone Stars,and I think a Penn Yan. The fishing boat with the twins was my ride when I was about 12.

  11. Ranger
    Ranger says:

    We’ve only been to Lake Cumberland once but had a blast, fell in love with Lake Keowee SC and Lake Norman NC is beautiful!

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