A Public Service Announcement From The Boat The Blue Crew! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TICKET!

The Blue Waters of Paradise await you!

You know we are getting official now, no more hype. Wait. That’s boring. How about this. In what is to be the largest and most SPECTACULAR boat show in decades if not all time. We bring you the amazing list of amazement that the Boat the Blue team has spent two years setting up! So without further adooooo. Drum roll please. We have the official Things to Know About the Boat the Blue Pre Events! Tada!

There will be a morning captain’s meeting before each on water pre event and and information table at the Double Tree Hotel or River Stree Marina gazebo all week. This summary is just to give our guests some early information before you arrive in Port Huron.

Monday Poker Run
It is about an hour drive from Port Huron to Algonac. Plan on arriving at the Algonac DNR ramp to launch your boat and proceed for check in at the Harbour Club Marina 1/4 mile away. There will be a captains meeting with boats leaving immediately after in designated groups with a Michigan chapter lead boat. The poker run with lunch and return to the Harbour Club Marina (around 4:00)will be about a 30 mile loop. Part will be on plane (20 to 25 mph) and part no wake. The lead boats will set the pace, as required. Please make sure you have sufficient fuel for the day.


Tuesday St. Clair Cruise
Your boat should be docked at the River Street Marina Tuesday morning. There will be an  captain’s meeting in the pavilion at the marina. Boats will depart immediately after the meeting for the 15 mile cruise down the St. Clair River. Upon arrival boats will dock in the St. Clair Municipal Marina. Ground transportation will be provided to Marine City for a tour of the city and the Mariners Museum. the group will return to St. Clair for lunch, freighter watching and a presentation at a river front restaurant. Boats will cruise back up river to Port Huron after lunch.

Ya! dont run out of gas…again

Please make sure you have sufficient fuel for the 30 mile round trip.

Wednesday Cruiser Excursion
Guests will arrive at the River Street Marina  to meet their host couples and board their designated classic cruiser. Cruisers will depart the marina at 9:00. It will be a 2 to 2 1/2 hour cruise through Lake Huron to Lexington. An outdoor BBQ lunch will be served at the Lexington Matrina. Guests can then explore the adjacent village of Lexington’s stores and shops. We must board the cruisers for the return cruise to Port Huron by 1:45. Please be punctual for boarding so we return to the marina with enough time for everyone to get ready for the Wednesday evening Lighthouse event.

gar says “come on over”

Thursday Algonac Historic Tour
Guests will board busses at the Double Tree Hotel at 8:30. The Tour will include stops at several historic spots and museums along with in route narration by a on board guide.

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Thursday Ladies Day Out
A Trolley will pick up guests at 9:15 at the Double Tree Hotel and 9:30 at the River Street Marina. There will be a choice of several fun things to do in the morning followed by lunch and a fashion show at the Port Huron Golf Club. Guests will depart the golf club for the return trolley trip at approximately 3:00.

The latest fashion out of Algonac.

We hope you find this summary helpful and look forward to having a great experience together in Port Huron.

PLEASE NOTE! Many of these events are SOLD OUT. And tagging along behind is discouraged. Insurance and management of space is very tight. This is a very well organized event. If you do not have a ticket, you will be asked to not participate. This show exceeded all expectations and the crew is trying their best to make everyone happy. PLEASE! If you do not have a ticket or can not score one on the black market. Just go tour the area on your own. 

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are all sold out. We will be selling tickets for the Thursday events at the registration table at the Double Tree Hotel. For those that are still coming on Sunday and did not register before the events sold out, see the nice folks at the show information desk in the hotel. They can tell you about other great things to do in the area. We are locked and loaded for a great week! See you all in Port Huron

  2. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    It’s going to be a Great Event. I am so sad I can not make this one. Have a Great Time everyone who is going.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Good Lord those are some early mornings to get a large group going, and I am a morning person.

    Is that really a fake Fox behind Mark on the lawn?

    And what is with calling Bob Speltz a zero? That guy is an ICON!

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