A Special Note Regarding The Lake Dora Show In March From Terry Fiest. It’s Not What We Wanted To Hear.

We got this a couple hours ago regarding the current situation at Tavares and the show in March.

Hello Gang—hope this note finds you well and hopefully you were safe from Hurricane Irma.

This Email is for the Sunnyland Chapter Membership and will be disseminated to all members.

Speaking of the Hurricane, All of the docks at our show site at Wooton Park were heavily damaged and will need to be removed. I have been in contact with Tavares City officials and they are in the process of seeking a Salvage Contractor to remove the docks and raise all the sunken boats. Pictures are on Woody Boater. The docks are a total loss and there is no way they can be repaired. The process of removal and the process of rebuilding will not be completed in time for our show in Mar of 2018. The City leadership has informed me that there will be no docks available for our show next year.

Bruce Kester, the Sunnyland Chapter President and I have discussed all the ramifications and the impact this will have on our chapter as well as ACBS. Bruce has recommended that I as the Boat Show Chairman, prepare of list of options and present them to the Past Presidents at the Sunnyland Past Presidents meeting on Oct 20 at Lakeland Florida. Pete Devito is chairing this meeting. The Past Presidents recommendations will be presented to the Sunnyland Board. The Board will in-turn convene a special meeting and a decision will be made in regards to the Boat show for 2017. Hopefully we will have a decision before the end of October and we will keep everyone informed.

Please pass this note to all Chapter Members.

Thanks A lot—–Terry Fiest—Boat Show Chairman

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  1. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    The Glacier lakes show in Pewaukee, wi uses temporary docks. Just an idea. If the show gets cancelled do we meet at Palm Gardens all week? I already have my room reserved.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    I am all for the show taking place at the palm gardens. We will be there regardless of a show or not. Its all about the people, the fun and escape.

  3. Tom Drozd
    Tom Drozd says:

    I’m sure the Past Presidents will come up with something for us all to do. Like the saying goes, come hell or high water, the show must go on.

  4. Don P.
    Don P. says:

    To Terry and the Sunnyland chapter – I know that you will make the correct decision and will let us know what the best course of action will be for the show. Look forward to seeing everyone at the 2018 show where ever it is.

  5. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I like the Harrison and Palm Gardens plan.

    Actually Paul had a GREAT idea of doing a (cough, cough) “land show” at Taveres to show our support for the city and the kindness they have shown us.

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    sucks….but Terry and the gang will figure something out…otherwise…on to Palm Gardens….if it is still standing….and it never was all the “standing” anyway…big part of its charm.

    I will be going down there regardless…and Going Boating
    John in Va.

  7. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    With the Show being 6 months in the future I am confident that the Sunnyland Chapter will be able to plan and execute an alternative plan for this major event. The storm was devistating in that area as well as it was all over Florida, and I’m sure that their priorities may not include replacing docks for a boat show in March. But let’s think positive!

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