Ahhhhhhh Crap! Now I Will Never Be Happy!

I was told once… OK several times, that never get caught up in a biggest, best boat in the marina fight, because there is always someone out there with something cooler. But I always just thought hey, no worry, There isn’t anything out there that if I work hard enough that I can’t at least dream of… Maybe there will be a chance… Well not any more. Thanks Burger Yachts…and Sycara IV a 151 foot fantail cruiser…. You have screwed up my dreams for good… And did you really have to make the friek’n tender nicer than my boat.. Did ya? Really? That’s the touch that hurts. I can’t even afford that. Even if I sell my company, “accidentally” kill my wife and get away with it, and take her insurance and get away with that, and then be exposed on Dateline and get away with that…… Still I could not pull this one off. Dammit…This is one amazing boat that changes all my feelings of big snooty yachts… It has texture, history and even the tender was made by retired Elco employees. Dear god…. But wait… that tender is out in the sun all day, and so is all the bright work… that’s a full time crew, with brushes in hand… the reams of sand paper, the 50 gallon drums of varnish… Wait.. maybe I don’t have it so bad.. I don’t have all the dock fees and no need for a crew of 5 to employ, or the fuel charges… ouuuuch… Maybe I am happy, maybe I am just justifying my averagness…. maybe I need a drink… of cheap beer….cheap lite beer….click here to the yacht forum review and 4 pages of killer photos….if you want to ruin your dreams to. Or click here and all will be well in your little woody bubble…

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  1. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Well I was on a boat in Chicago that had a helicopter on the roof. I climbed up to check it out and it was bolted down. Just for looks and storage.
    Maybe they know something and it only gets wet when the boat sinks!!

  2. Bill Basler
    Bill Basler says:

    Actually, they back up the big boat really fast, then hit the brakes. The tender comes sliding off the roof. Slick.

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