An Aluminum Wolverene!

wolverene2At this years Reedville antique classic boat show, fellow Woody Boater Delbert Hanchock brought his tasty Wolverene to the event. As you know I have a weakness for Aluminum.I love the look of polished metal, I realy love it when its matched up to some varnish, but in this case its very cool with some paint on it.  Dang, Delbert likes to buff, that’s one thing for sure. Here are the shots from my iphone..



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  1. Got Wood 2
    Got Wood 2 says:

    Matt, thanks for posting the wonderful pics and thanks guys for all the great comments. A friends email informed me that the Wolverine had already been featured, so I’m a few days late.
    A week before the Reedsville show I was bitten by a brown recluse spider, so I lost many beautiful days of work on the boat. Even though there was no engine on it I did manage to get the steering wheel, dash plaque/speedometer, windshield, and step pads installed, and upholstered seat cushions completed. The windshield and stanchions were totally fabricated to have a roadster look, but were made months earlier.
    I’ve previously restored varnished woodies so this light aluminum boat was purchased just to exercise an ‘adjusted’ 40hp Evinrude. After 1000 mile roundtrip to bring her home the grime, hard water buildup, green flaking paint, aluminum topside paint, pulled/bent transom, and no windshield almost made it a candidate for recycling into the smaller 12oz size that John Baas prefers, but thanks to perseverance and intestinal fortitude; ………… ‘She came a long way baby!’

    Even though I did the majority of work involved, there were others that were instrumental in the very unique look that the Wolverine has. So a very special thanks to:
    Keith ….paint
    Doy …..aluminum welding
    John ….laser etching of white oak for step pads
    various aluminum pieces made on metal brake

  2. AL Wierdak
    AL Wierdak says:

    I am restoring the same Wolverine, sure could use some advice on how you got such fantastic results

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