And now for something completely different. Pie!

The woodyboater lifestyle is more than just boats. It’s the woody part as well. Woody means taking the old roads, not the easy way and valuing things that may be worn and weathered but produce wonderfully rich results… So… You ask? Where is this leading? To West Jefferson Ohio! To a little place called Henry’s on old rt 40… We are on our annual trek to the boulder bureau of woodyboater hauling furniture for one of the heirs to the empire.. Along the way we have a rule …. No chain food. If it has a circle R and a fancy logo or a color menu it’s a no go. So… Henry’s…. It all made sense.. My office is on west Jefferson st and one of my sons name is Henry… But.. An abandoned gas slash repair shop in the middle of corn fields on an old highway?

Yup! It had an open sign on and that was good enough… I had to push the woodyboatress into the place…

And like the heavens opened up and the angels sing. Old wood … Knotty wood pine paneling and the warmest feeling I have felt in a long time… A very sweet waitress and a great burger… BUT wait… The place started filling up and folks kept asking about the pies of the day… So we asked and kapow!!! Turns out the owner makes fresh pies each morning and wow! Hands down one of the best slices of pie I have EVER had. I had warm strawberry rhubarb pie and the boatress had coconut cream… Mind blowing! So. If you are within let’s say 700 miles of west Jefferson Ohio… Think pies!!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    PIE! I love homemade pie! Especially at places like Henry's. Always order the daily special, it will be delicious!


  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Well, I checked and it's only 421 miles (6 hours and 59 minutes) from my house to Henrys front door, straight across old Rt. US-40 and I'm hungry for fresh strawberry rhubarb pie (my favorite). If I leave now, I'll be there in time for dinner.

    Well, maybe I should wait for Ms Woody Boatress to join me. Then, if we leave at 5:00 AM, we could have lunch and the pie will be even fresher, maybe even warm from the oven.

    When we're out and about we enjoy getting off the beaten path and stopping at local eateries along the way. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

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