Antique Boat Museum Auction Needs Your Classic Boat In Clayton. August 4th, 2012

Look at all those bidders, Your boat could be right in the middle of it al.

I know we are all a little gun shy of auctions these days, but this one is different, first it’s more than an auction, it’s a tradition up in Clayton, as well as a good thing to be part of. The auction helps the museum raise much needed funds, not to mention it’s a very fun part of the day. I have personally seen boats go for a song! And others get good money. Like anything, it’s all about the boat. The other cool thing, is that the place is littered with folks that know their stuff. So if you like a boat, just ask around, there is no shortage of third party help. If you are in a state of mind, and near the State of NY and have a boat ready to sell, this is a real good opportunity to sell. You are in the center of the classic boat hobby at this show. It’s one of the big ones. And if it does not sell because you have it listed for a ridiculous price, the market will tell you the sad truth that your 17 ft Sportsman that your dad had in the garage isn’t worth 100,000.. Below is the press release by Antique Boat America.

This was last year on the sale of that killer cruiser. Very well bought and sold.. A good case of a great deal for everyone!

Antique Boat America has announced that they will once again conduct the annual Antique Boat Auction held at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY. With the Auction only 47 days away, the company is accepting consignments as well as boats for donation to support the many programs runs by the Antique Boat Museum.

Some boats have a researve, some not.. It all works out well.

The Auction, now in its 48th year, continues to attract thousands annually and is a highlight of the weekend. This year’s Auction will be held on Saturday, August 4th, 2012 at 1pm. In recent years, the Auction has attracted celebrities such as country music star, Alan Jackson and NASCAR driver, Kurt Busch. Buyers will look forward to seeing a large variety of boats from projects to turn-key show winners. “We are proud to host the Museum’s Auction again this year and are excited about the fabulous collection of boats that we are assembling” said Peter Mellon, President of Antique Boat America.

The line up is very impressive and is a main attraction of the show.

For additional details about the Auction, please click here. To consign a boat, learn more, or discuss options for your classic, please call 800-675-4089 or email

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    How could I possibly put a price on Panther? Or more appropriately, “There’s no way in hell I’ll ever get my money back on this one”. My wife on the other hand would probably trade her for a nice pair of black pumps. As is commonly said, “My fear is that when I die my wife sells her for what I told her I invested in it.”

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Wow, nobody wants to talk about Clayton? Then time for 1 more shameless plug.

    To prepare those who will attent the Algonac show who are not familiar with Panther’s history here is a brief primer.

    The list of movies that Panther has not been in is extensive and would fill many volumes. The upside of this is it was not necessary to add a non-functional swim ladder to her transom or defend how many of her were actually in any movie or even which one.
    No sitting President of the United States of America, Dictator or Reigning Monarch/Matriarch has ever set eyes on Panther so you will see what they haven’t.
    No matter how hard you look you will not find Panther in the Queen’s Jubilee Flotilla.
    Other than my wife no one named Smith has taken a ride in her. Also no one named Matt (Smith or Fine), RiverRat, Texx, Chad, Arggg, well you get the picture.
    Despite many letters (which I am now legally prohibited from sending more of) no Donzi Girl has ever expressed an interest in going for a ride.
    Surprisingly Panther is mentioned extensively in literature. The authors of the 2012 Directory of Antique and Classic Boats found her important enough to mention her no less than 4 times. Prominently on page 119 but also on pages 462, 542 and 563. O

    Now aren’t you sorry you didn’t comment on todays blog earlier?

  3. matt
    matt says:

    Sometimes these just sit there.. I feel you blowing on the fire, apreciate it.. You really know how to sell Panther.. Send pics, we can do a story on its nothingness.

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    Sorry Matt you’ll have to wait to see her just like everyone else. OOOOOO, can you just feel the anticipation building? Now if the boat will just get out of the varnish shed. Looks like I’m going to have to pick her up on the way to MI on Thursday morning. Told them I’d be waiting outside the gate when they opened. Leave a light on as it looks like a very late arrival in St. Clair.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      We will photograph the crap out of Panther this weekend, from every angle, including a few you never thought were possible if we can find a shoot boat with a giant wake!

      By next week Panther (and You) will be world famous…

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