Antique Boat Museum, Puts Rare Boats In Auction!

The boat named “Corin” is in lovely condition and is supported by an extensive marine survey. The boat was running the St Lawrence River until it was donated to the Antique Boat Museum in 2000. Sales proceeds will be used to further support the collection.

That’s right, The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton has released some rare boats to be auctioned off at this years Clayton Show Auction, put on by Antique Boat America that benefits the museum. Traditionally the museum has released the more .. well, lets be kind… it’s collection of user boats.. ya know the ones used as planters and garage fillers, and splinter magnets that are fun starter boats that are not really all that special as collector boats.  Well, not this year, this year they are selling off some of the finer stuff in there collection. When we spoke with Peter Mellon from Antique Boat America, he said, the reserves are very very reasonable, and someone is going home with some amazing stuff. I asked if this was a sign that the museum was in need of cash? No, its a situation were, where, ware, the museum may have several of a kind of boat. In one case they have over 11 of one kind of lapstrake. So they are fine tuning the collection, and you my fellow Woody Boaters can ad to your collection of one. Antique Boat America will be releasing the info for the next couple weeks so stay tuned to there site and here and we will update as things get closer. Here is the official press release in case you missed it.
(Clayton, NY) –  Antique Boat America has announced that 10 boats have been de-accessioned from the watercraft collection of the Antique Boat Museum. The boats will be auctioned as part of the upcoming Clayton Boat Auction, held on Saturday, August 4th 2012. “This is the largest group of boats to be offered by the museum in over a decade”, said Peter Mellon, President of Antique Boat America. “We expect active bidding given the extraordinary care that these boats have received”.

A St Lawrence Skiff, Penn Yan Car Topper, several Sailboats, a Rushton Skiff, and Rushton Indian Girl Canoe are included in the group to be auctioned.


The group is highlighted by a 32 foot 1926 Albany Split Cockpit Runabout. The Albany Boat Company by founded by John L. Hacker and Leon Tripp in 1913 and renamed by Tripp after Hacker was forced to sell his share due to poor health in 1917. As the Albany Boat Co., the firm continued to build boats in the style of John Hacker’s designs and was one of the first companies to build double cockpit runabouts.

For a full list of boats to be auctioned, please visit or call 315-783-6100. And if you want to look through some cool shots of the boats, look here on Antique Boat Americas Facebook page.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I’m glad I’m not going to Clayton for the auction, as I don’t know if my will power is strong enough to withstand what looks like a tremendous temptation. I love today’s header, but it looks like the water level in Hessel is even lower than Algonac!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Darn, my wife caught me drooling over Corn this morning and said, “DON’T EVEN THINK OF IT!!!” No win situation for me, buy the boat and the wife leaves me and I then have to sell it for settlement, or divorce her 1st and then have no $$ to buy it. Of course if a nice woman would buy it maybe I’d consider divorcing and re-marrying. Now it’s just getting complicated. Better to just bum a ride at a show someday.

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    But wait! That’s not all. If you’re the winning bidder, we’ll throw in a second ’26 Albany absolutely free! That’s 2 Albanys for the price of one!

    And, if your bid wins in the next 15 minutes, we’ll also send you this Snugli. So you’ll be warm and cosy cruising in your Albanys.

    You get the 2 Albanys, the Snugli, the Slap Chop, the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow, the Pocket Fisherman, and the Garden Weasle all for the low low price of 5 e-z payments of [insert bid here, divided by 5].

    Operators are standing by. Buy yours now!

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Greg, re the (extremely) low water level up here this year, we try to look at the bright side. Take another look at Texx’s photo. Look at those boat lines… It’s hard for a boat to sink at the dock if it’s virtually suspended by its own ropes.

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