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As many of you know I am very much a fan of the Chris Craft Boat Forum, known as the boat buzz. But if you are into other types of boats. or have an odd ball one off, it’s sometimes hard to have a conversation regarding only one brand. There is a fun new forum out there that is for anyone with an antique or classic boat. Great photo’s resturations, fun stories and a real strong variety of brands. So if you think you may have the only Dingle Brand boat on earth, you may be surprised… Well actually you would be surprised, there is no Dingle brand boat. Well at least I don’t think there is. Anyone.. anyone got a Dingle? A Woody Dingle? Oh man this joke is getting just plain raunchy. Sorry.

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  1. El Mirage
    El Mirage says:

    this is a young forum that is sure to grow. no matter what type of old boat you have, you can pull it up to the dock a the antique marina! i have a bunch of my gold cup race boat photos posted there in the photos section. come on into the clubhouse and strike up a conversation about your boat.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Actually there IS a DINGLE brand boat. Made in downtown St. Paul, MN. I know of at least three that exist. They also made boats for the military during WW II.


  3. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Haaaaaaaaaa, I needed that. Of corse there is. Dang. That will be a fun posting. Were can i find a photo of one. I need a shot of a dingle. Dear god that is going to wreak havoc with the search terms. HAaAA

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Yes there is a brand of boat named Dingle, it was owned by Joseph Dingle out of St Paul, MN. They did make three Sub Chasers (SC 1000-1002) for the Navy in WWII. The Anderson family (as in the windows!) owns one of the prettiest ones and largest I have seen yet. She is named the Glengarry (sp?).

    As far as the jokes, I have heard them all. Dingle is not an easy last name to grow up with!

  5. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    This is great. Do you have any photos. It would be great to do a posting on these boats and at least have something on the web about them. We need to keep the Dingle name alive!

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    There is a website for the one owned by the Andersens in Bayport, MN. It gives a pretty short history and some photos. Here is the web address

    I wish I had photos but that is proving difficult. My father and uncle purchased a runabout many years ago and it is still waiting to be refurbished. Occasionally an old boat shows up at a graveyard in downtown St Paul but they are harder and harder to find. I have only just begun to find information on Joseph Dingle Boatworks, sorry I can’t give you more.

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I just came across your blog and can add a little something to the quest for Dingle Boat history. I lost out on the purchase of a Dingle, much like the one owner by Anderson Corp in Bayport. Short story is that I was looking at it as a "Long-term" project, as it needed lots of restoration but seemed worth the effort. It was at a boneyard on Plato Blvd in St. Paul, called "Great River Boat works". Well, after several weeks of looking at the old girl up on blocks and chatting with the owner (name now unknown), I made my decision to jump into the restoration project with both feet. I went back to clinch the deal only to find the place closed, the building enpty,the lot cleaned out and all the boats gone. Efforts to locate the owner or any of the boats proved fruitless. I'll forever regret not grabbing up that old classic.

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