Appy New Years! The Future Of Woody Boater Is Here.

You can read Woody Boater News, And A Whole Lot More!

For those of you still trying to deal with the change of the Woody Boater design 5 years ago, you may want to leave the room. But take your phone with you. Yes, the mobile one, not the old avocado one screwed to the wall. That’s art now. Anyway, the new Woody Boater is here. We have been building it for about a year, designing it and re-designing something that is not just a website but a tool you can use and enhance your passion.

You can search through WoodyBoater recommended locations only for now.

INTRODUCING WOODY BOATER 3.0. It’s mobile and now you can read and use WoodyBoater while out on your boat, eating dinner out, ignoring your spouse, even on the pooper. That’s right, Woody Boater is evolving. Now, for those of you gasping and saying NOOOOO, that’s Okay, you can just stay here in your little bubble. But for those of you that know what Pandora is, BTW, so last 10 years ago, now Spotify and Snap Chat.. Anyway I digress into the hell of all this. But now you can find other Woody Boaters, connect with them, find recommended places in areas that you are not familiar with.

Register yourself and show up on the map if you like. It can even follow you wherever you go. You can turn it on and off.

The red W’s are all Woody Boaters, the Blue Anchors are recommended locations. You can click on any of them and chat with them. Or simply click on their site

Lets meet up on Lake Whatchamacallit this weekend? You can now organize fun SplashMobs spontaneously. Going to visit a new area. You are not alone now.

All you have to do is go to the App store or Google for your android. The app is free like Woody Boater should be. Your donations and sponsor support has been spent on the development and ability to make it open for folks to connect and Woody Boater to become a real community. So sign up and join the future of classic boating fun.

We have some folks already on there who were part of the pre beta team. they helped work out the bugs and help design features. But the app is now open for you to have fun and try stuff. Here is how it works.

When you go to the app sore or Android store you will see this after you search WoodyBoater.

You will need to register, even if you were on the BETA team. You should be able to see yourself on the map after you register yourself. You can decide how much you want people to see you. Or follow you. Its up to you. Load a photo of your boat. I will not know your dam password, so write it down. Or use your facebook sign in.  I will add, that we are at the beginning of all this, things will not be perfect. But that’s part of the fun, and part of our passion. Just let us know how you use it.

We will send you a punch card!

No iphone or Android? Well, you always have the old school way here on And we are thrilled to have you here. Appy New Year to all our fellow Woody Boaters!


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  1. FrankofFalmouth
    FrankofFalmouth says:

    Im gonna need a bigger phone…. the old IPhone 5s aint gonna hack it..
    Looks good but I couldnt add boats without adding an image… will have to play with it after some coffee.

    This (WB 3.0) is great and a needed evolution to get this hobby and passion we have for woodies out there. I quit the ACBS years ago. it was only useful for the printed directory before the web. NEVER had any ACBS member offer a boat ride or DIY help at numerous boat shows.. “look dont touch…”
    Keep up the great work and Happy New Year

    • Alan Frederick
      Alan Frederick says:

      As for asking questions, usually boat owners are more than happy to exchange DIY information.
      Must just be your problem. Try different shows if you have those issues.

  2. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Yooo hooo! Thank you, Matt. I’m on my second cup of varnish because like Jim and Jaxon’s hound, everyone in the cabin is still snoozing under a Faribault Woolen.

  3. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    I was perfectly happy with my varnish coffee, but I suppose I should switch to the Espresso Macchiato to complement this new world technology.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Wow it works… ish.. We need folks to try and use it to create a list of next phase repairs. We want to build this so people use it in the way they like. One of the features we Love is its possible to go to a new place, and know people with the click of a button. Now if we couod just figure out how to post photos the right direction

  4. Frank
    Frank says:

    Sorry , Alan. I shouldn’t have said “never “. regarding DIY info. Just didn’t connect with the right folks I guess. Yes it is MY problem. Not wanting to stir the ACBS vs WB pot again. (But guess I did. Lol) but leave no question as to what flag I fly now
    Hint hint WoodyBoater Store. Burgee?
    My coffee depraved point was that I’m excited for the evolution of exposure of our passion and hobby and WB 3.0 looks to be great once others get onboard

      • Mary Richter
        Mary Richter says:

        I absolutely love the Vive La Liberte graphic w/ flag & phone!
        Nicely done☠️ Looking forward to flag and Port Huron Show!

        Mary Richter
        Fine Yacht Finishing, LLC
        We’re I truly live life 1 coat of varnish at a time!

        • Matt
          Matt says:

          Thanks Mary, its one of my all time fun favorite headers. I have always loved that painting, and placing the new App and taking out the weapons was a fun afternoon..

    • Alan Frederick
      Alan Frederick says:

      Getting on the WB site is a daily ritual for most of us because it’s interesting reading each day. Didn’t know it was a them vs. us battle.
      Each club or site has it’s own pluses, Lymnan, Chris Craft, Glasspar, Correct Craft, ACBS, etc., they all do a great job of spreading the antique and classic boat word.

  5. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    OK. Started to add a boat. Got to the add a photo and could not get it to work. Can’t save the info without adding a boat. A catch 22. Reminds me of Boat Buzz.

    • Frank of Falmouth
      Frank of Falmouth says:

      I tried to add a boat from my iphone5s it would not let me save the info without adding a photo. Didnt have an appropraite photo on phone so just added a random work photo.
      it took the text just requires on add a photo to allow SAVE.
      Also, not sure this is the right venue to list “bugs” my location on the WB community map was listed with a group of others in Fairfax (test users) but I may have had location services turned off…default location? neat feature tho Im not a fan of having my current location know at all times… I Might be out on a secret boat buying mission or reveal the exact location of my boat collection…lol Most of my family dont even know where I keep the majority of my boat cache.

      Im looking forward to the app evolution am happy to provide constructive feedback.

  6. matt
    matt says:

    Also, check the size of your image you are trying to upload. Many times as in the comment section, if the image is over 1 mg it wont load. Its a filter we use to keep the site faster and not hold so much data, on a phone it would be even more important. Try that? Let me know

  7. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I am shocked to find the Palm Garden is not a recommended location. Nor is the Bada Bing. Where is Troy?

    • Bob Kays
      Bob Kays says:

      Sadly the Bada Bing was closed recently. It was actually owned by mobsters and the gov closed it due to illegal activities.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      I can see myself m-fine. That brings up the question. When I shut off the app does my position disappear or is it still listed?
      I tried to “chat” with m-fine, but that didn’t work. Maybe he just had his phone off?
      I was able to upload a pic.

  8. Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen says:

    Same image loading problem as well. Got a prompt reply from Matt. I assume he is working on it.

  9. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I was able to add a photo and save a boat. Two bugs/issues. First, if you leave the description blank, it fills in a paragraph of Latin. Second, it seems there is no way to edit your boats.

  10. Jim K.
    Jim K. says:

    Matt….outstanding job with your new WB App. It was really easy to add profile and boat pic.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen says:

    Glad some woody boaters are able to use the site. Matt has obviously put a lot of work into this project. I am sure he will fix the bugs so I can use the site as it was intended.

  12. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    thanks for keeping the website open for us flip phoners…..I will wait until all this settles down and then get a smart phone NOT!

    John in Va.

  13. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks for the feedback. It apears that we are having some Android issues. Will work on those, and the map must default to some place in Fairfax VA for some reason. Sorry about that. And the map does crash around China… North Korea maybe.. mmmmm. But the map is turning into a massive cluster of W’s and WOW!

  14. Matt
    Matt says:

    If you load an image, and dont put in copy, it will default to greeking copy. We are working on a way to make it so you can edit your copy. Sorry this is like this. with so many different devices we litterally had to build several backends. And this stuff is not like the web page with good well managed plugins. This is all custom and we are new at this here at WB, but like anything, it will get better over time and one day be what we all use every day. At least thats what they tell me. This sure is a long way from ditto machine newsletters thats for sure. Thanks everyone. Keep it going, break it, run it hard, and keep trying stuff.

  15. Matt
    Matt says:

    HAHAHA, there is no App yet for ipads. I love the Geo Part of the app since it lets you see the universe a little better, and we will try and have that as a feature on the home page soon. The concept is to have a more 3d view of the WoodyBoater and Classic boat culture. We also will love to see if it helps people connect.

  16. Jack Warren
    Jack Warren says:

    Having the same problem with new website. I’m on android. Nothing happens when you click on add picture. Also, can’t save without a picture. Also, something screwy on distance, I’m in Blenheim, Ontario, website says I’m 387 miles from Ramsey Brothers in Toledo, probably closer to 150 miles?

  17. Michael A Hill
    Michael A Hill says:

    Working great on my IPhone 6 running IOS 11.something. I really like it! I think this could be a foundation for some fun and interesting functionality here. Congratulations!

  18. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    What is everyone doing up so early on New Year’s Day ?…Must be like Christmas morning when wanting to get up and see what new things Santa left.
    For me…I’m one step past the flip phone but still haven’t learned how to post a picture on the web site. Like my grandmother said when they did away with party lines. “I think you are carry’n me too fast.”
    So long as I can still get WoodyBoater on my laptop, I’ll be happy.

    Happy New Year to all !

  19. Frank
    Frank says:

    “ditto machines” HA ha ! I remember those wet copy dittos (memeograph?) the teacher would run off a fresh set of exam questions…the pages would still be damp and reek of some chemical that Im sure killed many brain cells as we held them up to our faces and breathed in deeply…. or was that just me? Of course that was before acetone, and other paints and chemicals used haphazardly in fixing cars and boats in my youth….Hey maybe THAT explains MY problems and issues…lol
    I now have tyvek suits , N-95 masks, respirators, nitrile gloves and lots of other Personal Protective stuff everywhere….hope its not too late….lol Ive got 50 years of boat projects to do…
    Re WB3.0 still easier to type on the Surface Pro, but having the WB mobile app allows a quick fix and will now allow me to visit other than just my morning routine… whoo hoo

  20. Briant
    Briant says:

    Matt, working great, including uploading boat photo and all, on iPhone 7.

    Only problem is that I do not use location services, so currently my little red WB logo is superimposed upon the black anchor of LO Boat in Lake Oswego. Tapping “boating” does bring up just LO Boat and tapping “boaters” does bring up only myself, but under “all” both are stacked on top of each other. Normal ?

    Other than that, looks great and thank you!

  21. Matt
    Matt says:

    As this grows looks like we are crashing in Europe now. We will be fixing and tweaking all week. Thanks to all for joining and sharing what works and what doesn’t. I think it’s all spelled right at least.

  22. jimmuh
    jimmuh says:

    Lost my password and get new password not live (yet?) on the app (iphone 6)

    Went to my computer and requested new pw – your link came back fast – but when i put in new pw (x2) default said “invalid key”- that was on Safari – when I input new pw on FF – default came back “insecure website”- so have not been able to get a password to try the app – still eager to try, must not get left behind in the rush to WB3/next…..tx

  23. Sean McGarry
    Sean McGarry says:

    Downloaded app just fine but messed up on loading pic of boats. How do you delete boats from your profile page?

  24. Matt
    Matt says:

    Hi Sean, we have started to build a dashboard so i can easily go in and fix stuff. I can edit some things, but working on that feature. Also since a ton of folks have signed up today we are noticing Android Users haveing more issues than Iphone users. We will work on that. And of course adding recomened places. No spell check though.. Woohooo!

  25. Wylie
    Wylie says:

    I signed up and have access on my android. Trying to ad my boat to profile. Takes make, model, year, description. When is select add image it just blinks. I’ll try again another time if you are working on this feature.

  26. Pete D
    Pete D says:

    I saw your post above about Boat Buzz. Since they redesigned the site it has completely screwed up the password and my username. I have been a member for years and it does not recognize anything. I use to like to participate in Boat Buzz but can’t get in anymore.
    I tried to renew my membership tonight but that was out since it no longer recognizes me.

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