Bang Bang, You’re Boating?


Got a boat named Bullet? Or nicknamed Gunny? Shoot off your mouth a lot? Wait? That name is taken. Cough cough.. Okay, how about a former Police boat? Moonshiner boat? Well, thanks to ebay you can now have the perfect boat light?

Never seen one, and not sure you will again. And for a meir $500 OUCH, you can have this Hand Light? this Six Shiner? Relighter? A “Heat”lamp? Egh? Bring on the heat? Heat? Gun. Lamp? light?

Sorry, can we move on now? Anyway, it would make a cool thing on the right speed boat. Call it Super Boat, cause its faster than a speeding bullet!  YOU CAN SEE IT ALL HERE ON EBAY

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I think having that on your boat would be a felony in NY, but likely mandatory in Kennesaw Georgia.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    OK, it looks like Matt has run out of Lake Dora material, so it’s time to turn our thoughts North and start getting ready for a great time in Port Huron. Bring your Boats Home in September. The planning is running at WOT and rooms are booking fast. Registration will be available on the ACBS website and the Rudder in April. Check it all out at to get in the juices flowing.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    For those coming from the East, stop by the Buffalo show on Saturday 9/8 on Grand Island, and then continue your drive to Port Huron for the pre-events starting Sunday. The drive between the show sites is only about 3.5 hours. Just make sure you have a passport or enhanced license to get in and out of Canada eh?

    • Sean
      Sean says:

      And if you buy that light, don’t put it on your boat if you’re coming to Canada…. we have gun laws here.

    • Dennis J Mykols
      Dennis J Mykols says:

      This show site is one to put on your Bucket list. A 100+ year Yacht, opps “Launch Club” that’s how old this place is. Take your boat on the cruise they take you on, they go right up to the edge of the Niagara Horseshoe Fall. If the wind is blowing the right way, the “Mist” from the falls will get you wet.
      But with the strong current, do not turn your engine off to try and hear the falls roar. Should you have trouble starting back up, it can lead to a heart attack. Ask me how I know…

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