Become King Johnson In One Click!

It can all be yours!

One Johnson not enough? How about 8? Thanks to eBay you can now avoid all the time it takes to find stuff. Just one click and you are that guy at the shows that is the king of Johnson’s. In fact with this purchase comes the title. Largest Johnson. Or what ever title you wish to bespow on yourself.  That’s worth the price alone.

8 vintage Johnson Outboard Motors: These are all short shaft motors:
1954 5.5 HP Model CD-11
1958 5.5 HP Model CD-15
1958 7.5 HP Model AD-12 (two)
1951 10 HP Model QD-12
1956 10 HP Model QD-17
1958 10 HP Model QD-19
1958 18 HP Model FD-12.
Also, 6 pressure tanks and lines.
All 6 outboards on the rack have been well maintained, are freshwater motors, and are said to run (but are untested). The 18 HP is not talked about in the paper from the previous owner but it includes a tank and is beautiful (1958 model). The green 10 HP is a project or parts motor. Will include hand written details on maintenance from the previous owner – all zip lock bagged and organized.

Will include the large, homemade rack for local purchase. Will carefully crate 4 motors at a time and ship with Fastenal.

And happy header day!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    This story is a bigger fraud than a Mecum auction! I click the link and get Bernie’s burgee again.

    • Scott Ales
      Scott Ales says:

      Matt Fine,

      I’m going to politely ask that you stop using the term, fraud. This will be the very last comment about it here I will make.

      Fake News statements can have consequences.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        Scott, readers are free to research the court records and history of the boat auctions and the fake Corvette and come up with their own conclusions about Mecum and those who associate with and promote the business. Your thinly veiled threats are of no concern to me. Truth is an absolute defense.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    How could you give yourself the name “Largest Johnson” when they are ALL “Short Shafts”?

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