BREAKING NEWS – The US Navy Has Arrived For The Keels and Wheels Show.


Paul Merryman Vice Commodore and Chief Judge Terry Fiest are standing by to tour a vintage Naval vessel that was used to train Sailors in the 50’s.

Fellow Woody Boater Terry Fiest reports in from Houston with photo proof, to let folks know that despite what we are all seeing on the news that the weather is beautiful and show is ready to be one of the best yet! And if Terry says its a go. ITS A GO. Take it away Terry!


As you can see from the Harbor picture, all the docks are in place, the tents are all up and everything is in place for a great show. The heavy rains that hit Houston earlier in the week are not impacting on the Yacht Club and all systems are a “Go”.

See Terry said it’s a GO.. so.. you know what to do. Really, do we have to spell it out. GO!

You can find out more HERE, This WEEKEND!


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Post some pictures of the BBQ. There should be some tasty briskets near by that would make a good follow on the the ribs from the Georgia gang.

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Glad to hear the water is under control..I remember it rained the year I was there and a tractor was needed to get cars out of the parking lot. The rental car return guy wanted to know if I had participated in a mud bog…All in all it was still a great show…Lots of great boats and many unusual cars and the hosts could not have been more generous and friendly.

  3. Wayne Elliott
    Wayne Elliott says:

    I’ve been through it all – water up to the running boards, stalled cars, etc. It runs of rather quickly so not to worry. Best show yet; lots of camaraderie and “pearls” for the newcomer. The auto portion is a bonus.

  4. John unsworth
    John unsworth says:

    Stan Hunter the boat builder, devised the simple method of floating the Wa Chee We.

    It consisted of first placing a patch over a hole in the bottom. This was formed from the top of a Rubber Maid plastic tote. A rope was tied to each end of the top, forming a girdle . It was then drawn along the bottom of the boat covering the 12 inch hole.

    Next a tarp, which was purchased from Canadian Tire for $80.00 was wrapped around the boat and secured with ropes.

    The boat was then towed for a proximate 5 miles to Stan’s shop.

    Simple method, trivial expense–brilliant. Thanks Stan.

    John Unsworth

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