Broken Emails, Small Copy, And A State Of The Union Message.


This story is for all the folks who have realized that they are not getting the email feed anymore. It’s also to all those that find themselves falling asleep reading and just wondering what is Woody Boater going to be next? Here is some insight, Creating WoodyBoater was a way for me to learn how to do something like WoodyBoater, learning digital stuff, etc. It was never about money and more about adventure. But along the way, technology has become so whackadoodle and the way re use the web has changed. 15 years is a lifetime in the digital universe. Its a small click in our classic boat passion though, so that part has been interesting to wrestle. SO? What coming. An evolution of the pages you enjoy every morning. Or dont. either way. we will march on.


I guess hiring the amish to build the site might not have been a good move.

So whats taking so long? Well, we have to build a new site all over. Thats the problem with a lot of our features. LIKE the emailer. It was a widget that just pooped out of date and the folks that make it, stopped, or want a fortune to do it.


What about sponsors? Thats a great question and to be transparent and forthright.  Right now Woody Boater is owed around $20,000 from sponsors that have never paid the bills. Which is why you may not see them here now. That has caused major issues running Woody Boater since its normally a break even deal. And some bills not being paid by some for over two years has caused me to consider dropping all sponsorships, and the only banners live are businesses I 100% trust and do and would do business with. We have cut our web hosting in half, just last week, and hopefully next summer can make some trips to visit our pals all over the country.

Readership number. Over the past 3 years we have seen a slow decline in readership. But a lot of new folks and defently a younger audience. After asking around and such everyone is experiencing the same thing, but to loop back to the topic at hand about the website. Its so messed up from over the years, we are buried in the google Siberia, thus keeping traffic flat. BUT again, the return traffic is insane great, like 60% which is a huge number.

Whats going to happen with HQ? Just more of the same. I am finding so much more about wood boats over all, and love the local history and getting into it in a historic way. Using old tools, and keeping traditions and ways of life, alive.

Stay tuned, The new site is close.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Don’t stress out. Let’s all just keep having a good time. That’s what this is all about!
    Is that your new boat storage barn those guys are building in the video?

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    This site may be compared to our boats. In the beginning they’re brand new, cutting edge and in demand. Over the years they become just old, out of date, in less of demand as newer models come out and some are neglected and trashed. Then they slowly become collectable and rise in value. Maybe this site is pre-restoric and should be left alone so future generations can see how things were done originally.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    We have spoken in person about some of the sponsors who have taken advantage of your kind heart and not paid their bills for two years. It frustrates me that members of our community would take advantage of another member in this manner. We are a small group and should have the integrity to stick to our word.

    Just remember.

    • briant
      briant says:

      Tommy’s comment below….ouchy Momma.

      Regarding Troy’s comment….uh, yea, well I am no longer scouting out items related to wood boats as the last time I did something here for a fellow Woodyboater…well, let’s just say I am still waiting for my $100. Oversight? Forgot? Who knows.

      Two years of not pony-ing up cashola for adverts is just…..low though.

      I wonder if this comment will piss off someone as Matt would say. HA!

    • Ron in Seattle
      Ron in Seattle says:

      Thanks for that link, that is quite the rabbit hole!

      Matt, I think it is time for all us to donate…

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I wake up to woodyboater every day. First thing…before I do the bad news on digital newspaper. Ah…newspapers, remember those…they died.
    Maybe this is what is happening to the web stuff that the newspapers cozied up to as a “last gasp”? Anyway….Matt, do what you think best, sort out the BS and don’t load yourself up with any more of it. The absolute miracle of putting up some text on our hobby for years…every day…is one thing…an amazing thing…but having to navigate shark infested waters to do it is another and not worth it.
    thanks, John in Va.

  5. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Whatever form it takes or morphs into, WoodyBoater, the concept, you and the fraternity are enjoyed the world over. You have created an amazing’thing’ and I thank you for that.
    If this change really makes it possible for you travel more then I extend an invitation to you to come to New Zealand as your last gasping is done at home. It’ll be fun posting stories upside own.

  6. tommyholm
    tommyholm says:

    alas, Woody Foater had died a slow and painful death succumbed by the very vice that created it, Technology. Who didn’t see it coming? Meanwhile, boat clubs continue to thrive with the support of paid advertisers who wish to be involved with real people and real boats not simply 1’s & 0’s is some ether. RIP

    • tommyholm
      tommyholm says:

      Oh, the irony of the drama is almost like taking a wave over the bow. WB Matt correcting my spelling. The Center of the Universe of boating collapsing under the weight of so many bits & bytes to become perhaps a Black Hole with gravitational forces unheard of ever before. I almost wish to thank him for this platform of free speech without prejudice. Full Speed Ahead.

  7. briant
    briant says:

    The comment by Tommy Boy above is straight outta the Neanderthal playbook.

    He needs to stop squattin’ on the cactus and lighten up.

    • tommyholm
      tommyholm says:

      thanks for the comment BrianT. Ouch. The modern day Neanderthal are blogs.
      I’ll lighten up when WB Matt decides to stop declaring and promoting that “boat clubs” are DEAD. Who is dead today?

      • briant
        briant says:

        Well maybe some clubs are doing well, but our local ACBS chapter club’s website won’t load up….which makes it hard to connect up with any enthusiasts. Strong club? I dunno…

        I can tell you that I gave up on boat clubs and classic car clubs years ago…for I got tired of hearing the old dudes bitch about the lack of membership…we joined…and then offered up a few suggestions when asked….gave those ideas….and then were told to sit down and shut up as the old dudes really didn’t want new ideas or new younger members….they just wanted to bitch.

  8. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Oh boy.
    Just got back from business in MX and missed the lone diatribe from the peanut gallery.
    As a fellow small business owner like Matt, I dare say that stones shouldn’t be thrown until you’ve had a first hand experience trying to make payroll on Friday, because you’re the one signing the front of the paycheck for your employees.
    Knowing full well you may need to go another week without one for you……….
    Matt has invested a great deal of time, personal effort and his own money to bring forth a daily dose of old boats for us.
    You don’t like what you read, then don’t visit.
    Both he and I stepped up to save a slice of Americana, not by writing for free grant money, but by convincing our spouses that this had to be done before they disappeared.
    Don’t like what we do? Then don’t visit.
    WoodyBoater is a daily slice of non-PC in a world that has gone mad.
    You want your boat judged? Then get it judged.
    You want to “run what ya brung”? Then go for a boat ride.
    Who cares?
    Matt’s job is to be sure we put the “fun” in “dysfunctional” so we can all relate to mahogany madness and stay the course.
    Will we all agree on everything? No, but it sure as hell won’t stop us all from getting together for a cold beer at sunset.
    Matt, send us a bill to keep the lights on and I dare say the large majority would be happy to pay something.
    The minority that chooses to go into the weeds with comments not conducive to our hobby can then wallow in their own self-pity and be miserable by themselves.
    Keep on keepin’ on Matt and thank you!

  9. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Being as how I am the treasurer of both the Century Boat Club and the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club, and know the health of each marque club, I am inclined to comment on this discussion. They are both quite healthy. As to my good friend and co-conspirator, Tommy Holmes, well a nicer guy to share a cocktail with you will not find.

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