Can We Talk Chris-Craft Oil Cans?

Chris Craft oil canThanks again to Restorer Extraordinaire and fellow Woody Boater Dave Moore of Northwood Boatworks for sharing some of his vast knowledge on the subject of the tiny details that can make or break a true show winner. I suppose for some , some of this is just common knowledge or old news. But for many, OK mostly me, the Great Ignorenceenie this is the coolest stuff on the planet. Better than any Superbowl. Oh, Wait, I can’t say Superbowl, that’s a copyrighted term, I mean the Big Game. Any way, before I am hauled off to copyright jail, can we get back to Oil Cans.


Pre War stuff your “Tripple” boat came with. Courtesy of the Mariners Museum and Dave Moore of Northwood Boatworks.See all three come with two Oil Cans.

When you got your new boat, you would get a bunch of stuff; Fuel Stick, owners manuals, tools as we have talked about, A EZ Blow Horn, and some Oil Cans. We have covered the Duplex and Texaco Oil Cans, but today its about the little oil can. The kind that keeps little parts lubricated. Dave has an original Chris Craft one, clearly Pre Way since it says Chris Smith & Sons on it.

chris craft oil can CU

Which Dave is sharing for you and  other folks out there like me that this is new too. The question is. Is there a Post war can? Does it also have graphics on it? Jim Staib of Fine Wood Boats and grand master of all that is Parts, will no doubt be out in the barn today rummaging through 30 of them.

And Happy Header day. Those new to header day, just refresh the page and a new header appears from over 8 years of headers.

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    • Rick
      Rick says:

      I’ve found the group pretty much talks about what it wants. Matt’s topic is like the Pirate Code, more guideline than rule.

  1. Don vogt
    Don vogt says:

    this is the first picture i have seen of the orginal cc tool kit. thanks. there had been a lot of discussion of this in Boat Buzz earlier on, and i think some people have tried to assemble kits and sell them. Most of the items are obvious, but I wonder what the one are that are not obvious?

  2. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    While not oil cans, I wanted to share with you a gem of a find at an Antique auto swap yesterday. This Distributors catalog from 1964, the year I graduated form high school. As I thumbed thru it and looked at the pictures, a flood of memories came back to me, from that time period. Looking at it in more detail at home, I laugh at the prices and descriptions of produces offered.
    I only wished I could have paid in 1964 dollars for this piece of history, instead of the $30.00 I shelled out.

  3. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    I also picked up two old license plates at the Swap meet. One a 1946 Michigan plate for the year I was born, and a neat little metal, boat license plate from 1959. I plan to screw it in the Lake N Sea next to the Mfg plate.
    All in all, not a bad day for a boater, at an Antique car swap.

  4. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    I have a question about the Chris Craft tool kit drawing:: 1.what is the smallest tool on top of the small oil can 2.the S-shaped tool to the left ( I think it might be hand crank) and 3. The long bar with the little curve under the small oil can. BTW real neat drawing about all three engine manufactures. Not sure how (or why)the dog pictures got started

      DAVE MOORE says:

      the small tool is a feeler gauge, the long bar is a hand crank for moving the flywheel to set the points not to start it. I reproduce that lever as well as the cog the lever sticks into.OK MATT here is your opportune time to answer the question, what is that S shaped squiggly thing?

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