Dam It! The ACBS Takes The High Road! I Hate That! AWARDS!

As true to form the ACBS has taken the high road and Dan sent me the list of winner just now. Dam it. I hate when others take the high road. Leaves me looking like the back room jerk. Well played Dan. I know you are exhausted. And of course this drama makes the awards that more interesting. Now, in a twist. I will return the high road favor and NOT publish the Winners but link. HERE to the ACBS site, so you can do what they intended all along. All this before 9 AM. What a day.


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  1. Fred Bursch
    Fred Bursch says:

    Go for you both. ACBS for publishing the list and Matt, for recognizing and apologizing. Working together we can all make this hobby more fun and build participation

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    Matt, the Michigan Chapters objective was to have the most fun and adventurous event they could provide. Awards are just a part of all the fun. Some people love awards, some don’t. Those that don’t, should be ok with others getting awards. Your favorite boat, Black Beauty wasn’t even judged. A new member from the Canadian Bluewater chapter received an award. I was with her at dinner when she received the call. It made all the hours she spent working on her cruiser the last two years, a little more worth it.
    She was excited that someone she did not know appreciated her work. So we all look at awards in a different light.

    • Dave Nau
      Dave Nau says:

      Glad you cut Dan and ACBS a little slack. Dan was at the same table for dinner as me and I could not figure out how he looked so fresh. He said he would finally get some sleep that night, and yet Matt still had the list from Dan before 9:00AM this morning. Amazing! I suspect they were still double checking the list for any misspellings or other errors. I frankly thought it would not be publish ready until Monday. So, hats off to Dan and Jeff Funk and crew for pulling it off!

      The outboards were a bit thin, but that is changing. With my new job of handling Marque Club partnerships with Tim Bush and Stan Struble, I’m putting a huge personal focus this winter on development of stronger partnerships with both existing and new Marque Clubs. We really need more fiberglass and aluminum boat clubs and better participation so that in a few years, the show has 50 14-17 foot outboard-powered boats of wood, fiberglass and aluminum mixed in with all of the besutiful mahogany. The more variety, the better!

      And that blue Larson was the sweetest small fiberglass boat in the show, in my opinion.

  3. Shep
    Shep says:

    Sorry you were not able to make the show. We missed you and the Boatress! Hope all is well in Woodyboaters ville?
    It was a great show! Hats off to Michigan crew! Great job!
    Well thought out, no details missed that I know of.
    Kathy & I had a great time while we where there.
    Thursday night took the boat to dinner in Saint Clair. That’s about a 30 min. run down the river. Then on Friday we took my 90 yr old Dad & Brother for a ride up the river into Lake Huron.
    He love going under the bridge! Awesome!
    Great show ! Just sorry we had to leave early!

  4. Diane
    Diane says:

    The best for us was….. “oh my gosh I’ve seen pictures of your boat on Woody Boater, and now I get to go on it” which we heard multiple times throughout the week…. Thank you Matt, just wish you and your Boatress could have joined us too!

  5. Steve Bunda
    Steve Bunda says:

    Thanks to the ACBS for the dedication and countless volunteer hours!
    Diversity is the path for the future of the hobby and now is the time to take a look at attracting new interest with a restomod category.
    Jim Street had it right with the Cobra, think out of the box and maybe we can grow our hobbby exponentially .

  6. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Missed seeing you at the show Matt. Kudos to the Michigan folks, they know how to do a first class show. They even got the weather gods to cooperate.

  7. Jason
    Jason says:

    My wife, daughter and I attended. The organization of the event was phenomenal.
    We had a great boat ride with Mark Walker on his SeaSkiff, thanks again Mark!
    Talking about preparedness for the show…my daughter decorated a wood boat at the craft tent and drew a Canadian flag on it, the volunteer then had a little stern pole with Canadian flag to install on it! We had a great time. Hats off to everyone that made this event happen.

  8. Ann
    Ann says:

    Jeff, there was a lot of “plan B’s ” if we didn’t get the good weather. So glad Mother Nature decided to be nice.

  9. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Ronnie and I have attended all the International shows since 2010, except for those way out West.
    So proud of all my friends from the Michigan Chapter. Being a Member of this Chapter and seeing three years of detail planning, and picking the brains of past show organizers, it all paid off big time. This site was just made for this kind of event, and I propose this site be one of the “FIVE REVOLVING” sites the board had considered implementing a while back.

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