Death And Destruction Lead 2019 Stories. Ugh!

We all felt it

Since it seems that this is the time of year to look back and see what we all talked about, I looked through the stats. And the top stories were of course the Boat explosion. And Joe Turcottes sad death. Which by the way still pisses me off. The one ray of sunshine is the Barn find Higgins story was in the top ten. That’s it. This of course brings up a sad topic. Why readers click and why news media keeps feeding disasters to us. “If it bleeds it leads” is a long time rule in the news media.

Nothing like a good fight. This entire story had a huge comment battle, Painful, but had clicks. Too painful to be honest, it was a bit of a bench mark for us here.

Divisive headlines, invented drama, and so on. Its all why we read one story over another. Its like fast food information. It satisfies for a second some sort of primal urge and then slowly will kill us.By the way, I am not judging here. I do the same thing. We all do.

Hold on Darla

You all may wonder what is the number one topic clicked on? Barn Finds? Classic Boats? NOPE. BABES. BABES BABES. By fare! Turns out we all want to see babes. Never mind that they are all 90 now, and made of ink dots. The search term works. Which by the way explains why Chris Craft used them for decades. Hey, I am not a moral compass here. And forget how we all want to be, this is a reflection of of the way we are made up. I can only try and blend it in with fun stories of urinals and boat shows. But sadly no one really clicks on boat shows unless you went there.

YNOT Photo

There are two events though that collectively broke the bank, and I choose to focus on them. The Bar Harbor Show, and the week long shoot out at Alex bay, between Kent O. Smith Jr and Steve Lapkin. We got a full week of insane photos. No Flames, boobs, or drama. Just amazing art, and fun. This was my highlight of the year. I loved being a small part of that dance, Bob Kays,and the YNOT Gang jumped in to round it out, and we all had a blast watching it.


We have now been doing this for over a decade. Now in our 13th year. Every day! And I am feeling very positive about us in this community. Even though we click on death and destruction.. AND BOOBS! We are a wonderful kind, generous, compassionate group. And the tone of the Death and Destruction and Boobs in the comment section reflects that. Respect, humor and warm hearts.


We are all outraged by wrongs, Compassionate about accidents and Teen aged boys when looking at some ink dot of a printed boob. And for that, I am grateful to be a small part of us all having this place to share that.  Thankyou for making 2019 another fun year, and looking forward to a equally crazy filled 2020.

No, Ma, pose like this!

This still cracks me up! Love the deodorizer! The sharp edges, All of it.

And if you dont like what you see. Just look the other way!



Happy header day, just hit refresh to see some of our past headers. We do a different header every day.

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  1. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    A year in review. We all have up and downs. I like to focus on the ups also. This year I found my new old boat and I found you all here at WB. I look forward to reading your words and humor every morning with my coffee. Thanks guys!

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Let’s all think and act positive in the New Year and resolve to Go Boating! I am.
    Thanks Matt for another year of providing my wakeup news!

    John in Va

  3. Mark in Ohio (today in Florida )
    Mark in Ohio (today in Florida ) says:

    I echo what John said, Thanks Matt. WB is a great place to escape to every morning. Also to check back to through out the day. Even though I have never meat you guys, I feel I know you all by your comments. I also enjoy the pictures of boats and other things. Happy New Year to all! Lets keep the wood going and shiny in 2020 .

  4. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Don Henley’s song “Dirty Laundry” is still accurate in its observation of the television news game. The Internet is the same because the medium doesn’t matter, human nature hasn’t changed. Every generation in recorded history has complained about it, but it’s how we are wired.

    Another thing that hasn’t changed is how athletes are held up as special, while others doing far more important work are largely ignored. Like teachers and scientists. People that further and improve our lives. Again, it has been like that since the beginning, but no change in human nature yet.

    On the bright side, sunlight on water, chrome, mahogany and leather still looks beautiful, and we get to experience all that in our boats again next Spring and Summer. Can’t wait!

  5. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    We are looking forward to the 2020 boating season, but concerned about how the high water levels may effect it, and more importantly those with water front property. I hope the water level predictions prove to be wrong!

  6. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I would say “you don’t need the extra clicks, stick to positive stories if you want” but I think these top two stories needed to be told. A major contributor to our hobby deserves our recognition, mourning and respect, especially when taken so soon. The boat explosion was both an opportunity to show support from those impacted and to also learn and spread the message of safety.

    And, it needs to be said:

    THANK YOU for another year of 365 stories every day. Positive, negative, educational, silly, click bait or dull. YOU are an important part of our community providing essential news and communications as well as an open discussion platform. YOU are part of the glue that holds us together and part of what made 2019 another special year for community.

    Happy New Year to all in the community, hope to see more of you in 2020, hopefully starting in Tavares!

  7. tom
    tom says:

    This is off today’s topic,but on the Saturday’s edition header, the barrel back is in front of a Cobra.Could that be the finished prototype?I know Katz has had several,but wondered if it could be that far along in progress.While on that subject,I don’t get what was painful about the comments at the time? I saw it as arguments and disagreements over a smashed up wood boat.People argue.right? After the tragedies since, it seems like that was all nonsense.Anyways,Happy 2020.

  8. Art
    Art says:

    Yes…… May we all have a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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