deWolde Collection For Sale Through Antique Boat America – Become The Worlds Expert On Hunter Boats.


Miss Mariposa -Hunter Streamliner

This story just came in from our fellow Woody Boaters at Antique Boat America.We are breaking the news, so if you are on a mission to become the king of Hunter boats, you have about 3 hrs of lead time before it hits the airwaves. Just think, you can be the Hunter expert at all the shows, wear Hunter t shirts, have I Heart my hunter boat stickers on your hunter green truck.. Have little Hunter boat tchotchkes all over the house. Snow globes with hunter boats zipping through the waves… All because today you read Woody Boater.. Here is the official release and some nice pics of some very very cool Hunter Boats.

Hunter tripple Profile. This is one nice boat.

(Clayton, NY) – Today, Antique Boat America has announced that they have been appointed the exclusive agent for the deWolde collection of Canadian built wooden boats. Mr. deWolde restored boats, was a historian and took a specific interest in Hunter Boats built in Orillia, Ontario. He was the driving force behind the Hunter Boats web page (   The site outlined the history of Hunter Boats and tracked the location and identity of the few Hunters still in existence.

Sadly, Mr. deWolde passed away last year leaving behind a small, yet elegant collection of boats that are now being offered for sale. These boats are in the process of being transferred to Antique Boat America’s national headquarters in Clayton, NY. They will be available for inspection, survey, and review. Mr. deWolde’s passing has left a hole in the wooden boat community said Peter Mellon, President of Antique Boat America. These boats represent a strong history of fine Canadian craftsmanship and will be a welcome addition to any collection.

This cool Shepard Sedan is also part of the collection. You can use all your Canadian flags now!

The story of this Canadian builder is one steeped in tradition. Hunter Boats ltd. was in the business of building boats for over 40 years and grew from the shadow of Ditchburn Boats in Orillia, Ontario. In 1932, the Ditchburn Boat manufacturing facility was sold to Alestair P. Hunter when Ditchburn went into receivership as a result of the depression.

The triple from above, I love that light. Cool stuff.

Hunter Streamliner in her current codition. Just look at the image at the top of the story! See there is hope, and something to work on.

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  1. Keith Venables
    Keith Venables says:

    Just a small correction – the photo of the ‘Hunter Sedan’ looks much more like a 22′ Shepherd hardtop from the early/mid 50’s, not a Hunter.

  2. matt
    matt says:

    I thought so as well, but plowed forward thinking that all Canadian boats look alike to me! and that maybe I was wrong! AGAIN! Did i at least spell it right? . I have corrected the mistake, thanks..

  3. Mark Krzyzanowski
    Mark Krzyzanowski says:

    The inset “hull running lights” were originally a design feature of Minett-Shields, then later employed by Hunter and a few others. They look very cool in person and keep the deck lines clean!

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    1) WTF? How does Matt manage to spell tchotchke correctly? I almost fell off my chair, I could have been seriously injured!

    2) One of those Hunters or a nice Shepherd hard top would look good in that white boat house. Be a good neighbor and forward on a few pictures and contact info for ABA.

    • matt
      matt says:

      I googled it, at that took me sevral attemptes.. Chochkey looks right.. Were in the hell did that t come from.. Its why the story was late!

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Looking at the last picture, I think it is going to need a couple fresh coats of varnish to be water ready for this season. If you buy it quickly, you may still have time to get it in the water for Canada day.

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        What do you want a trailer queen? Slap some oakum into the bottom seams and you have a nice user. The topside nicks and such give it character. Just bring along some CG approved de-watering equipment and keep to the shallows.

  5. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Beautiful lines! There was also a Hunter Boat Co. in Illinois that started in 1885. They had a related Hunterboat company in California. Neither one related to the Canadian company. The Illinois branch failed after WWII when most of the qualified work force were at war and they were forced to hire women. It had been a marina since and is currently for sale. I know of 3 boats still surviving from the Illinois plant.

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