Dodge Water Car Book On Ebay! Get Out Your Wallet.

I dont think the paper ebay thing comes with it

I guess if we are paying $300 for a Chris Craft Pin, a $750 for a special book that you gotta have is a no brainer. Now, Okay, trust us, if you own a 1927 Dodge Water car you just won the lottery. Its actually priceless, since they only made them in 1927, the book that is, and what are the chances of that book surviving this long? And since its on a Buy It Now, we are publishing asap. Thanks to Bob Kays for finding it

Was it stuffed in between all those old National Geographics? I doubt it, it would be cool to have the back story on the book. So here is the link.. Happy Lucky Day!


Below is the description by the seller
This is an original 1927 Dodge Watercar catalog. Not all pages are photographed. See photos for detailed scans of several pages. Due to the age of the booklet, it has some surface wear, visible aging; the binding has worn and some loose pages. However, it is in good condition given its age. Measures 8 1/2 inches by 11 1/2 inches, with 38 pages in the catalog.

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks Dave, yes, search his other items. Some great stuff, including other years of Dodge watercar brouchures

  2. David Graham
    David Graham says:

    Here is a pic of a dodge water car at one of the local marinas in Muskoka. It is sitting outside uncovered and appears currently in good condition. Note the name on the back is the Horace one of the dodge brothers who supposedly had a cottage in Muskoka . Could this be his personal boat.

    • jim g
      jim g says:

      No. Both Dodge brothers died during the Flu epidemic in the late 19teens. It was Horace Jr. who started the Dodge boat company in 1925 from the money his mother got from selling the Dodge bros car company to Walter Chrysler.

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