Don’t Listen To Rumors, The Big Boat Auction At The Big Clayton Show Is On.. Big Time!


Pardon Me, but the rumors are not true!

The other day I was asked about the big shows to visit if one is visiting from out of the country. The Clayton show on August 4-6 was the first one I listed coming up. There is a wonderful full event calendar of shows on the ACBS site, but for the big classic boat immersion. Clayton, Tahoe, Lake Dora, Algonac, Hessel, Port Carling are big enough that if you are kinda new to this, and very rewarding.

BUT Clayton has a couple extra bonus points. One, the insane cool Antique Boat Museum. Called… Ready.. The Antique Boat Museum… And this year is it’s 50th anniversary. So this will be a huge year for sure. A MUST GO!

From last years auction – Photo

Woohooo. I bought a cruiser for 5 bucks!

Also, there is a huge classic boat auction. There was some confusion because of a show in the area being canceled and thus.. Well you get it. Things get confusing. Sometimes this crowd can be a little rumor happy. BUT again… this AUCTION IS ON! There are crazy deals BTW. Yes.. This auction is very good. And even if you do not buy a boat, a ton of fun to watch.

The Wicker Sisters relatives will be there. I hope! looks like they got a good tan out on the water there.

I fell in love there with this little Racer. Now I have one.

I fell in love with my first 25 Sportsman there. OH no. Maybe I should stay home.

So, you get, a boat show with the top boats in it, you get a museum loaded with boats, you get the auction, you get  one of the best flea markets in the passion. Very cool one off rare old Northeast stuff….. and, get this.. It’s in the setting of all settings.

I shoulda bought these that day! Dammit

And this, and that

Yup, home of the best combo of Mayo and Ketchup,  the best salad dressing on the planet. The Thousand Islands. If you can score a boat ride, its a jaw dropping location. Now, you will need to score a room this late in the game, which is tough to be honest. But folks stay all over the area, because its all amazing and dripping with history and texture.


So, if you have something to do that weekend. This will be “a sorry I missed it year.” So.. Don’t miss it.

Boat ride? Hell ya if we can! photo Kent O. Smith Jr

Sunsets! Photo Kent O. Smith Jr


· The FEATURED boat is a 1948 Chris Craft Special Rocket with Trailer in Show condition going for NO RESERVE:

· Other highlights include:

o 18 Foot 1965 Chris Craft Super Sport which will be going NO RESERVE:

o 18 foot Century Resorter built in 1956 will be offered with NO RESERVE:

o 22 Foot Hutchinson Utility which will also be going NO RESERVE

· For over 50 years one of the highlights of Clayton’s Annual Antique Boat Show has the Auction which is held on Boat Show Saturday at 1pm. The Auction is a way to buy or sell collector boats, project boats and everything in between. The proceeds from the Auction go in part to fund the many programs run by the Antique Boat Museum throughout the year.

· The team ABA has been working hard over the last few years to encourage boats to be entered at NO RESERVE so that sales are happening and there is excitement through the crowd.

· There is still time to enter your boat in the auction. Contact the team at Antique Boat America directly to enter your boat for sale: 1-800-675-4089

· Check out all of the listings for auction and learn about how the auction works HERE

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  1. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    With my newly rekindled interest in decaying wood, we plan on being there for at least one day if the impending birth of grandchild #4 doesn’t interfere. Be sure to have your insults ready for Doug Nichols in the flea market. Might be time to revive the shopping cart races for next year!

      • Johnny V.
        Johnny V. says:

        It was more than an incident. Doug and I revived it by racing a couple of drunken volunteer firemen which led to it becoming an annual event until like most things it got out of control. Fun while it lasted though. The TI Inn used to have the trophy in the bar.

  2. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    I have attended Antique Boat Show in Clayton dozens of times, bought some parts in the flea market for projects there too. Always a good time. This year will be interesting with the high water problem in the river and idle speed only within 600 feet of shore, but I’m sure everyone will make the best of it at this premier show.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        The water levels are still very high from the IJC’s intentional flooding of Lake Ontario that got out of hand this spring. The State has imposed a widely expanded no wake zone including 600 feet from shore in order to try to protect what is left of the shoreline.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Six Michigan chapter boats and a great group of 17 WoodyBoaters spent three days visiting Clayton and cruising the Thousand Islands last week! Bud gave us a terrific tour of the Antique Boat Museum on Monday. We had a blast and totally agree that this is a destination spot that should be on every WoodyBoater’s list even if not during their show!

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I’m so far behind I’m still commenting on Thursdays post…and I lost my train of thought. Happens frequently.

    btw…your math captcha sux

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