Ebay Chris Craft Sign ALERT!

Know what you are bidding on!

If you are one of the 25 ish bids on the large ebay Chris Craft sign.. BTW, the only one..for now. Make sure you know what you are bidding on. In the image above, the top sign is whats on ebay. Generally anything with that lady merrits a review of the reviews READ THE REVIEWS!  Read the description like a lawyer. More so, look at the difference. The bottom one is 100% real from the Mitler Collection, and worth in the thousands, not hundreds. If you dont care and just want something in your boathouse to set the mood, then enjoy it. But the seller should say REPRODUCTION. Note the detail on the bottom one. I have fallen for this as well. And its okay. Just know. THIS HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU AS A PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE. Or maybe a Public service massage.. Either way your gonna feel bad after you spend all that money!  YOU MAY NOW RETURN TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED DINNER

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  1. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Yes. Be careful; not all things are as they seem to be……..
    This one’s real in the late afternoon light. Hard to fake it.

  2. Dane
    Dane says:

    Wow Matt.

    She has over 78,000 items sold and a 99.3% positive rating.
    If you look at her feedback as a buyer, you’ll find the sign makers from India where she gets all this stuff.

    • Murdock
      Murdock says:

      And I seriously doubt she received permission from Chris-Craft (Winnebago) to use a facsimile of their logo/images or pays any royalty to do so either.

    • Kelly A Wittenauer
      Kelly A Wittenauer says:

      Put little faith in eBay ratings. I’ve seen first hand, that unethical sellers can get negative reviews & feeedback removed.

    • Berlin Büro
      Berlin Büro says:

      it is no different at all then how the amazon review scam works — liquidate products on the penny internally for verified transactions, which permit verified reviewed.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    All signs complete with fake rust stains, flaws, and a fake grin. Fleabay should, but it doesn’t define certain advertising term criteria. Its a vintage looking sign with vintage marks stamped into it. Glad her picture is in each of those so you can tell all the fake vintage ones from possible real vintage.

  4. Jack Thee Boat Hack
    Jack Thee Boat Hack says:

    If it’s too good to be true (“Wow! Vintage CC sign from the cornfields of central Illinois!”) it probably isn’t. I fell for this kind of thing (once, that I know of), and ever since have tried to be vigilant. Then again, I recently passed on something I should have recognized as antique and when I went back, it gone.

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